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Like a fool, I stayed at the table, realizing only one thing: we stay together with Christina and obviously will not watch TV.
From these reflections I was distracted by the sound of the door being closed and the sound of steps that stopped right behind my back.
Soft, but heavy hands lay on the shoulders, and I heard: – Now you can deal with a little! – With whom? – I squeezed out.

– Yes with you.
I’m aware of your morning talk.
So you urgently need a girl.
“Well, I didn’t say that,” I try to justify myself.
– Maybe.
But you definitely had it in mind! – she paused, – and, perhaps, for him and a woman come down? – as if not speaking to me, she said thoughtfully.
Her hands slid across my chest and two soft hemispheres rested against my back.
She rubbed them while her hands stroked my belly.
This unexpected continuation caused such a surge of adrenaline that my end stood up, posing as a club.
One hand slid down into the waistband of the trousers, and I felt her stroking my erect organ.
– Oh yeah! Elena was not mistaken! There is something to see and caress! I sat as if I had been confused, not believing in what was happening.
Many times I put my friends in a similar situation, but I myself got into it for the first time.
She pulled her hand out of her pants, sniffed her fingers, and summed it up.
– It smells like young sperm.
Lubrication went.
It remains to be seen how you are in bed.
– Me, me.
– tried to bleed something.
– Come on Serezha get up and go to bed.

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Don’t make the lady wait.
And we don’t have much time.
It was all like an unreal dream.
As if I was looking at it from the side.
I got up, and Christina, taking me by the hand, as if in kindergarten, led me into the room.
Only not in my – my mother’s.
When we passed by my door, I grew bolder and, pulling her hand and pointing at the door, said: – I sleep here.
– And I want to fuck you in a familiar setting! So let’s go there, – and pointed to the mother’s door.
Mother’s bed.
As soon as we crossed the threshold, Christina turned me to her face and kissed me on the lips.
Her tongue walked softly inside the mouth, forcing me to obey.
At the same time, she made me move with small steps with my back to the bed.
And when my legs rested on the edge of the mattress just pushed forward.
I fell back, sprawling out of surprise.
Something painfully rested round and oblong in the lower back.
And she sat down with a short laugh at my groin.
I felt that my uncompromising warrior just pressed, on the one hand, to my stomach, and on the other – to the crotch of Christa.
– Like this! – she said busily, unbuttoning my shirt and fidgeting at the member pressed to the body.
I tried to raise my arms to embrace her, but she pulled me away with a rude cry: “Lie Romeo, I’ll figure it out myself!” Then I barely pulled the object that was disturbing me, smooth and long to the touch and without looking, threw it aside.
She bared my chest and her hands slid over the skin from the stomach to the neck.
Marigolds gently scratched the body, alternately causing either fever or cold.
The skin was covered with pimples.
And when her fingers began to stroke, and then turn the nipples, I swam.
– Cognac mixed with petting killer thing – I

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Soft hand movements lulled, and I relaxed.
Then she began to kiss my torso.
Soft hot lips slid over the body, burning at the time of the kiss and shaking when looking for a new point of application.
At times she just licked me like ice cream, leaving a wet strip, a pleasantly cooling body.
And then she suddenly bit.
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