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Yes, and the men were some kind of inhibited.
However, Uncle Sasha noticed me all the same and quite unexpectedly suggested: – Oh, baby! Come here and help us stir up the girl.
I glanced incredulously at my father, but he also unexpectedly said: – What is there? Go, just ask.

I did not have to persuade for a long time.
At first I kept Svetka’s head in such a way that it would be convenient for Uncle Sasha to fuck her in the mouth.
Then I wanted more and I didn’t confidently suggest: – We can do it all three at the same time.
“Lead,” Uncle Sasha answered immediately.
I asked my father to lay his back on the floor.
Svetka put him on his knees above him and then lowered her body on his stomach.
The male member was immediately in the already broken-down vagina.
Uncle Sasha also got on his knees and, already independently holding his daughter’s head in the right position, continued to stick her scarlet mouth on his penis.

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I settled down behind Svetka and gently put my dick in her ass.
Men are so excited about this alignment.
As a result, each finished twice, changing only the position for the second time.
I had already finished in the mouth, my father – in the ass, and Uncle Sasha impregnated the daughter’s vagina.
Finally, Svetka was laid on the sofa to rest, and we sat down at the table and drank again: once, and the other.
Now I drank.
– And where are our women? – suddenly asked Uncle Sasha.
“In my opinion, they are in our apartment,” I murmured not very consciously.
– This is why more? – My father responded, – is the holiday over? Come on, call them here.
I obediently trudged into my apartment and remembered that the women were “dead” drunk only when I saw them in the same position that I left them.
And yet I tried to shake aunt Nina first, and then my mother.

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But it was all in vain.
Women did not wake up.
“They are sleeping,” I declared, returning to the neighbors’ apartment.
– How to sleep? Where? – surprised my father.
“One in the chair, and the other right on the floor,” I told in good faith.
“So get them here,” Uncle Sasha commanded.
“I can’t wake them up.”
They are too drunk, ”I said.
The men looked at each other and both went to our apartment.
I moved after them.
Chapter 28
It is a little about doctors, and about a new chair.
The doorbell rang.
An elderly woman, throwing a long robe to the heels, opened the door.
A woman in a white coat and a mask, with a small suitcase with a red cross, entered the hall.
– Living here, “Master”? – She turned to the slave.
– Yes here.
Please pass.
– And you, take off your clothes, and act like a slave! – Strictly said the woman and entered the room.
The owner greeted the doctor and invited her to sit down.
Sitting on the couch, two sadists talked, and a naked old woman stood in front of them, head down.
She meekly waited for their fate.
– You yourself understand that you want some kind of diversity.
In addition, this is another opportunity to humiliate the slave.
– Well, I understand you perfectly, “Master”.
My colleagues and I will try to help you, but it takes time and tools, but for now, the simplest thing you can do is stretch her urethra.
The procedure is quite painful, but even you can do it with a slave.
– Well, great.
What is needed for the first “session”? – I think what a table, I fit.
– The doctor said.
– Did you hear, old slut? I went into the room and lay down on the “cutting” table, creature! – The owner ordered.
– Yes, Master.
– The elderly woman, obediently, went to the “educational room”.
With difficulty, the old woman lay her back on the iron table and spread her legs wide.
The Master and the Doctor entered the room.
They approached the table on which the old woman was lying.
– Show the crotch, the creature! – The owner ordered.
An elderly woman, hands spread her folds on the hips and crotch.
The large and small lips of the lips dispersed, revealing her vagina, which was open, slippery from the protruding lubricant.
From all these humiliations, the woman was excited.
Having inspected the crotch of the slaves, the Doctor turned to the man.
– Yes, not a bad copy.
What would you like us to do with it, Master? – She took out a notebook.
– I would like to remove the crease on the stomach, but the perineum is not visible.
I want to increase her clitoris and stretch out the navel, to dry her properly. Cheaters caught on camera having sex.

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