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We’ll have to miss all the way.
The guy on the contrary threw a passing glance at Katina’s knees and again looked at his phone.
“Even a shame somehow! I always thought that I looked attractive, and then a second glanced at it and that was it.

Well, to hell with you! ”Kate turned slightly and looked at the side window, looking around the cabin of a nearby car.
The girl on the contrary turned to the window, and Nikita immediately looked up at her, examining it with interest from head to toe.
Long hair, pleasant face with a cute nose and slightly puffed, even as if offended, sponges.
Blouse without

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sleeves, which opens to the view of bare shoulders.
The top button is unbuttoned, under the thin fabric the outlines of the bra are guessed.
Slim and nice looking girl.
A small handbag hangs on the shoulder, and a beige skirt rests on long legs.
“Very nice legs, by the way.
It would be all the way and looked at them.
But you won’t stare like a fool.
“And Nikita returned to the game again, but it was impossible to concentrate on the new level.
After a couple of seconds, he turned off the game and just looked at the screen with application launch icons.
Immediately Nikita had an idea, and he turned on the camera of the phone.
The coveted legs appeared on the screen, and Nikita gladly began to look at them.

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True, I would like to have in the camera something else interesting above the belt.
But for this you need to pick up the phone.
And Nikita decided not to.
Katya didn’t get offended by the passenger on the contrary.
“It is silly, of course, but usually I cause more emotions to others.
“Katya glanced at the guy who was enthusiastically considering something in the smartphone.
He is fit, T-shirt fits the torso, arms muscular.
Legs, probably, too.
“I love pumped up legs.
And everything above the legs is also good when elastic.
Apparently, he has such an ass.
But if he had seen mine, he would have definitely abandoned his stupid smartphone right away.
Well, he won’t even look in my direction! ”Katya, not accepting his indifference, slightly pulled her right knee aside and, without ceasing to watch the guy sly, breathed more air and slightly pulled her shoulders back, giving her pose a little more seductiveness.
The train rocked, from which the beautiful knees on the screen slightly dispersed, slightly pulling the fabric of the skirt lying on top.
The screen was barely guessed small triangle panties, playfully appeared between the legs.
Nikita stopped breathing, not believing his luck.
He so wanted to see more, that he involuntarily began to lower the smartphone in order to improve the angle.
Glancing off the screen, he glanced at the girl to see her completely.
“And her chest, it turns out, is no less seductive than her legs.
It’s a pity, of course, that she is in a bra! ”.
From such thoughts between her legs, a treacherous start began to swell, and a distinct pattern emerged on jeans.
“Close your bag? No, stupid somehow.
Oh, if she had spread her legs a little more, the smooth skin of which you want to touch so much.
And not only to touch them.
“In Nikitin’s imagination, his hands were already slipping from the knees of a seductive girl on the hips to a slender waist. Free nudelive.

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