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Mei bounced off with a screech, and the bank, turning over in the air, doused her with a turquoise stream that poured her entire head, face and chest, and plopped onto the floor.
Mei suffocated from rabies and a cold goo that burned her body.
– You.

She wheezed, rubbing turquoise mash over her face and hair.
– Oh, you’re crazy! Drunk patched! – and painted May jumped forward, grabbed the first available can and poured over the artist who tried to hide behind her hand.
He immediately became light green like a lawn.
– Yeah! Aha Get it! – May grabbed a new can – and coughed: a yellow stream hit her face, eyes shut.
– I’ll kill you! Kill you! – She wheezed, spitting and smearing paint from the eyelids.
While she was rubbing her face, two new streams settled on her: crimson and green.
The artist laughed, arming himself with new banks.
– Schizoid! Criminal! It is for you! Here! Here!
– May picked up plastic bottles and poured the artist in long streams, trying to get into his mouth.
The artist fought back, splashing in May with large color flops, from which May dodged at first, but then began to imperceptibly substitute, having tasted the cheerful horror of this madness.
Soon, two camps and the front line were formed: the artist and May, furnished with banks, jumped like cartoon monsters, drenched in paint and laughed like psychos.
In the air, jets flashed, bright as a rainbow, settling on bodies, on hair, on the floor, on furniture and on everything and everything; May’s thin, rounded body moved swiftly, like a colorful hurricane, and protruding nipples, one green, another orange, pierced the air with battle peaks. Free online sex comic phpbb limited.

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