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A program began on TV that clearly interested the lady.
– So, slave.
“After a pause, the mistress spoke.

“Now you’ll deform with me and turn into a comfortable chair!” The girls again became funny to see the confusion and misunderstanding in the eyes of her slave.
To tell a living person that he would become her chair now was fun.

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) – Sometimes I need you and as a home furniture, slave.
Lay your head on the TV, stretch your arms, bend your knees, and put your feet firmly on the floor! – explained Mrs., becoming to observe how the slave performs it.
Having taken such a position, I only began to speculate about this appointment.
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– Hands press.
head on the back of the head.
– She made the last remarks, looking down.
Then, Elena, just sat down, sat down like on a regular chair on the floor.
She was quite comfortable, the TV was at the level of her eyes, a plate with grapes stood nearby and did not have to reach, I was under her slave, as.

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living chair.
The girl shifted slightly, settling herself comfortably.
I took a deep breath when I felt how she transferred her all to me.
I had to hold my legs tightly, as she leaned her back on them.
Her ass pressed me down to the level of the abdomen, and her legs were stretched out and passed through my face.
Oh, she just sat on me, incredible.
I did not see anything in front of me, only the gap between her knees.
The minutes dragged on, and I could not complain, of course.
the chair can’t talk! It was necessary sometimes to toss and turn a little, moving, a fulcrum and a flowing body.
Thank God, Elena allowed it, easy romp.
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