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Where he tied her again, he threw the rope over the beam and raised it to the level of his waist.
He pulled her toward him: “Suck” and turned her head.
She obeyed.

“Now you have become like a saba, but you still have to learn and teach.”
For three days Galya was silent on the phone.
She has already begun to get used to HIM and she did not have enough of HIM.
Men have never done this to her before, and she still thought to respond to the next gentleman’s courtship or not (there were plenty of gentlemen – she was very pretty and the men around her curled up).
Prior to this meeting, she lived a normal life (in the BDSM community about such talk vanilla).
She sometimes wanted rudeness and pain, but she hid it carefully.
Now what happened to her happened.
She met a MASTER who helped uncover her hidden long-held desires.
He himself wanted the same thing and demanded from Ghali something that used to be only in erotic dreams.
Now it seemed to her that she was abandoned, she felt abandoned and forgotten.
She wanted to continue this relationship with him.
What HE did with her she would never tell her friends, they would be horrified by her story.
But this is exactly what she wanted.
She enjoyed when her porying, bind.
She liked to completely submit to his will.
Dissolve it without residue.
On the fourth day they called her.
It was he.
Are you alone now? -No, I have a girlfriend -When you will be the only one to call this number (HE dictated her number) An hour later, the girlfriends left and she called.
-I’m alone, my friend is gone. Take off your clothes and get ready.
I’ll be right there.
Galya undressed, washed away, perfumed, let down her lips, eyebrows, eyes, nipples, powdered, combed her hair.
Generally brought beauty.
Twenty minutes later there was a knock at the door.
Galya went to the peephole; he stood on the threshold.

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I was too busy these days. ”
The usual procedure with a hat and a raincoat was repeated.
“Today is already better.
It is in this form that you must meet your master. ”
Undressed, he walked into the hall leaving traces on the carpet.
And sat in the chair.
“Bring me some coffee.”
Galya went to the kitchen and returned from there with a tray with a steaming cup of coffee and a bun on it.
She put the tray on the table beside him.
“Where is my flogger”? All attributes in the closet, in a big black bag.
– Bring it.
Galya, with a sinking heart and in anticipation of pleasure, went to the cupboard.
“What this time he will come up with.
He is such a entertainer. ”
She came into the hall with a flogger and put it on the table in front of him.
“Bend down (he commanded her), below. She leaned down to the legs of the chair here HE pulled out a pair of handcuffs from the pockets of his jacket (handcuffs especially for BDSM with red velvet on the inner surface of the rings) and fastened it to the legs of the chair.
“Get on your knees.
So it will be convenient for me to smack you.
What, you began to forget my whip.
I will remind you”.
He swung and flocker burned her back.
She was both hurt and at the same time excited her.
Her nipples were swollen and raised, and between her legs she became wet.
Today, he flogged her stronger and longer than usual.
Her back and back were covered with red stripes from the whip.
Finally he finished spanking.
“Now, unbutton your pants, get a member and suck.”
She took out his dick and started to caress him with her tongue, gently kiss, lick him, at last she plunged him into her mouth, grabbed the dick at the base and began to perform sucking movements.
He took her head and began to set the rhythm of these movements.
Finally, he half closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair, and soon HIS sperm filled her mouth.
Before HIM, she never swallowed sperm, she thought it was an ugly occupation and she had a gag reflex from sperm.
With him, she was not only accustomed to swallow sperm, but she even liked it.
When he finished and Galya swallowed his sperm with visible pleasure.
He unfastened it from the legs of the chair.
“Get up, go to the bedroom.”
She went to the bedroom.
Soon he came there too.
“Lie on the bed on your back.”
When she lay down he ordered to raise her legs and took her hands, handcuffed her hands.
His hands were in front of his legs and did not let them fall.
He sealed her mouth with scotch tape a little bit away from the bed and photographed her in this form.
Then he returned and took possession of her anally.
She screamed at first (this hole was still not frayed, and HIS cock was quite impressive in size), but then the sweet languor began to mix with the pain. Gay webcam anal russian.

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