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There was horror in the girl’s eyes.
Flowed? The young man opened her pussy lips and inserted two fingers.
Andryukh, wet – he laughed.

As always, Andrew, without looking up from the monitor.
Cyril began to move his fingers into the vagina of a woman.
Irina groaned.
How she wanted to replace those fingers with his dick.
Sorry not to fuck you – as if reading her thoughts, said Cyril.
Irina moaned and still looked into Oksana’s eyes.
The girl turned away.
What a humiliation.
How Irina was good from this.
Cyril pulled his fingers from Irina.
Wiped them on her pantyhose.
Oh, I forgot the most important thing.
He returned to the table.
He took out a package from one of the boxes.
He opened it and removed a thin plastic tube.
Irina groaned.
It was a catheter.
She introduced such a utetra.
A long time during the operation.
Cyril came from behind.
Spread the woman’s labia.
Found a hole in the urethra and inserted a catheter.
Irina groaned.
The young man hit her on the bottom again.
A cow can write.
Cyril returned to the table.
The woman lowered her head.
She could feel her cheeks burning.
How ashamed she was.
Obedient animal.
Irina closed her eyes.
It was a new humiliation for her.
A woman wrote only with her husband.
Although once upon a time a story happened to her.

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Irina then was a little more

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than 20.
She and her husband and friends rested in the forest on the lake.
It was summer.
Many different companies around the lake.
Irina in one bathing suit went into the woods to pee.
Just took off her panties, sat down.
She heard the crackle of branches behind her.
Irina turned around.
Not far, in a couple of tens of meters from her was a young man.
One of the company that rested not far from them.
Apparently he also went to the forest in the same case.
Irina wanted to get up and leave, but she really wanted to write.
She turned her head away and relaxed.
I thought he would leave, but this did not happen.
Irina wrote and directly felt how he was looking at her from behind.
The woman knew that many men are interested in watching women pee.
And she helped one to see it.
Irina got up, put on her panties and returned to her friends.
She later recalled this incident more than once and was amazed at her shamelessness.
But it was so long ago.
Now she had to write again with others.
At the same time, like a cow.
Just wide apart legs.
Irina thanked Cyril for herself.
He removed her underwear and inserted a catheter.
But I could just put a bucket between her legs.
And Irina would write through her panties.
Urine would flow down the legs.
But still, everything was so humiliating.
Irina raised her head.
Young people are completely gone into the computer.
Oksana looked at the woman.
You will do this? – it was written in her eyes.
Irina could no longer tolerate.
Head down, the woman relaxed.
Urine flowed through the catheter.
Hit the bucket.
Look, pissing up the cow – Kirill laughed.
Where does she go.
Irina closed her eyes.
What a shame.
What a humiliation.
But what a sweet humiliation.
She flowed.
The woman finished writing.
Young people were still sitting at the computer.
Nobody thought about the cow.
So it was with a catheter in the urethra. Great sex games online.

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