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Where have you got me? My priest is not a breech and I did not indulge in pedisms.
We are with you under 40.
I have a wife.

Thank God, even now I left for an internship, otherwise I don’t know what I would have to do.
Killing you all or something? – Come on, you yourself say that there is no wife.

Well, try it.
I was also afraid, but now you know how you like.
And you will hear how much to pay? You said it yourself, the salary is small.
And what about forty to us – to everyone for as many years as he feels and looks.
You can’t look like a boy, so at least be a girl.
At that time, Shamil, Aslan, and the third, Hamid, rose.
– Girls, you are long.
Galya, come on soon, then you will help a friend, but for now we will deal with it.
Do not worry, Vera, we will not fuck yet, we just want to help you become more married.
And not so afraid.
Have a drink! They served a glass of brandy.
This drink, and even in the heat of August caused me a sharp idiosyncrasy.
– Do not want? Are you offending? “No, I love the dry — The lady’s desire is the law,” noted Shamil and returned with a glass of red wine.

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It was cold, already a glass sweated.
I drank, and the Muslim brothers pushed me to the bathroom and quickly freed me from clothes.
– Cool figure! – Shamil declared – Both the legs are good, and the ass is a class and tummy, like those of khanum, and now there are no waists for the girls.
And we will make her a corset.
Well, okay, it’s time to become beautiful.
In the blink of an eye, they shoved me into the shower, doused with warm water, and then, spreading soap foam all over my body, shaved my legs, hands, armpits, chest, groin and testicles.
Particularly difficult places were smeared with an epilator and the hair spilled out on its own.
I do not wear mustaches and beards, but I also carefully shaved my face.
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