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and just to say not tea, I came to drink! He finished his cup and looked at me and said: “Well, let’s get to know each other closer?” I nodded my head from the table and asked: “What’s right here.
“- while pointing to the table at which we drank tea.

“- his index finger pointed to the entrance to the next room:”.
everything is ready there.

Will you go to the bath? ”Having a quick shower, I stood in front of the mirror and looked at my body.
athletic, smart, cool ass.
Well, it’s time! Wrapped in a towel, I walked out of the bath and walked into the bedroom.
He was already lying on the bed, naked and waiting for me.
I stopped and threw off the towel.
he looked at me and in his eyes I noticed a lustful gleam.
He liked me.
or rather, he liked my body! “Come to me.
He said quietly, and patted the bed with his palm.
I lay down next and I must admit that my eyes were immediately riveted on him.
to a member! Mmm.
cool! “Relax.
“- his quiet whisper in my ear made me run a million” chills “over my skin:”.

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relax and do not resist your nature.
His lips passionately merged with mine.
ABOUT! I liked the man’s kiss! I liked very much! How much tenderness and passion were in these hot and unsaturated lips! He kissed me !!! In the meantime, I noticed how his cock was tense.
my hand took possession of this treasure and after a few seconds it became firm and even more attractive! “Kiss him.
“- I heard a quiet, moan-like whisper.
Yes! Lord, how long have I wanted this! My tongue walked upwards gently moisturizing his skin, again and again, then I emboldened took this beautiful rod in my mouth completely.
helping myself with my fingers, I sucked out of him all the nectar that he was able to give me.
The groans of my dear friend grew stronger and stronger.
and so.
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