Hidden camera on the nude beach.

Hidden camera on the nude beach.
On the next table, another nurse fiddled with an equally naked boy.
And all this to the sound of fervent childish song.
Let’s start with the priests, – said Masha, lifting Colin’s legs up.

Nurse quickly wiped Kohl wet cloth between the buttocks, not forgetting to delve into his hole.
And now we wipe here, ”she smiled, taking a new napkin.
The touch of a cold napkin made Kohl shiver from an unpleasant tickling.
Boys should always be thoroughly washed behind the testicles, ”Masha explained to Kolya’s mother, standing next to her,“ Especially after the child had crap one’s pants.
See how yours is so dirty there now? Taking another wet napkin out of the box, Masha simply threw it on Colin’s scrotum.
And of course we wipe this little pink bag, ”she said, taking to the boy’s unbearably tickle scrotum,“ That’s it, from all sides. Hidden camera on the nude beach.

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