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His finger just walked outside of her.
A funny feeling tickled my stomach, and he slowly turned me over onto my back.
He kissed my nose lightly and said: “What is daddy’s baby?” “I am a good dad,” I replied.

“Oh, honey, are you sure? Do you love dad? “I giggled:“ Yes, dad you know that I love you! ”“ Then, baby, let’s never tell anyone how we love each other, or have fun together, because if we say, they will want to separate us.
““ Oh, Dad, I will never say that! ”I said firmly.

He took my hand and placed it around his sticking out member.
He was warm and really hard.
His appearance frightened me at first, and I wanted to move away when he said.
“He loves this baby.
“And he took my hand and stroked it up and down.
Gently and slowly.
I liked that feeling.
I felt some irregularities on it.
Dad sighed: “Oh, yes baby.
““ Do you like it, Dad? ”I asked, looking for approval.
“Oh, yes!” He said.
“Dad, can I have a look at this?” I asked in a curious voice.
“Yes, move here,” he threw the blanket back and lay on his back.

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His hard cock stood upright in the air.
“Wow,” I said in amazement, “he’s so hard!” “Hmmm.
it happens when dad is nice and he loves his baby. ”My hands stroked him for some time, when he pulled me onto his chest and sat me on his stomach.
Both his hands crushed my breasts.
My nipples are hard.
He pulled me to his mouth and began to suck on my left nipple, while squeezing my right.
I started to get wet between my legs.
Dad felt it on his stomach.
He laid me gently on the bed and placed his knees between my legs.
He opened my pink pussy and slid the head of his penis up and down my slit and further along my clit.
It tickled and I was trembling.
“Oh, papa!” I groaned.
“Do you like me doing, baby?” He said, “Do you want dad to put his cock on you?” I nodded: “Yes.
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