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In appearance, the snow queen looked beautiful, her snow-white fur coat accentuated her buffers, she had icy eyes and blue icy skin, as well as blue-painted lips and snow-white hair.
She stopped the sled and planted Kai to herself, “you are cold?” Asked the snow queen, “Yes,” Kai answered, and then she kissed him on the lips, her icy tongue penetrated inside, and the cold spread throughout her body, Kai stopped feeling cold .
“And now?” Asked the snow queen, Kai answered no, and kissed her on the lips.

But the queen said, “Enough, you’ll freeze.”
She lifted Kai, took off his pants and began to suck his small dick, while massaging his ass, Kay’s dick grew quickly and he felt how rapidly he was ending.
After swallowing the sperm, the queen said, “Now you are my sexy slave!” And you will follow all my instructions.
Putting him on her knees in front of her, she lifted her snow-white skirt and forced her to lick her snow-white vagina.
When the queen was tired, she planted Kai with her and said, “Well, everyone flew to the North Pole!” And the sleigh quickly flew off into the distance.
Gerd of duty stood on the street and waited for Kai until her grandmother called for dinner.
Now at night, when she was alone, Gerda recalled Kai and masturbated.
The warriors with quick steps went to the throne room, where the king sat with his advisers.
Interrupting their meeting, the warrior who carried the queen, wrapped in a cloak, headed straight for the ruler angry with such a trick.
– How dare you youth! The angry king shouted and nodded to the guard to grab the disrespectful youngster

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“Your Majesty, forgive my audacity, but I have our queen Eleanor in my arms,” the warrior shouted before approaching, seeing that he was already preparing to take him into custody.
– What are you talking about? – She was in the central square.
In such condition, – the young man has chastened.
The king, not believing the words, nevertheless went up to the warrior and stared in horror at the exhausted woman, in whose face he recognized his once-beautiful wife.
Her gaze was glassy, ??her hair tangled and stuck to her face, which was completely covered with dried mud, blood and sperm.
Carefully shrouded in a cloak of a warrior who did not allow the king to evaluate the rest of her wounds.
– Oh my God! Bring her to the royal chambers! – ordered the king, afraid to even touch a woman before the examination of the royal doctor.
– Call me doctor, urgently !!! The guard entered the queen’s room and gently lowered her onto the bed.
Not knowing what to do with the raincoat, he nevertheless pulled it away, and quickly averted his eyes.
Hearing behind the wild cry of the king, the warrior hastened to retire.
The king ran over to his wife, shocked at his exhausted body.
The fact that they have outraged the woman was not questioned, but her rounded belly and milk in bulk were incredible, a reliable sign of pregnancy.
Only now a woman could not become so in a week.
It is simply impossible, unreal.
“Eleanor, love, come to yourself,” the man begged, gently slapping her cheeks and slightly shaking.
“My king,” the woman whispered softly, barely opening her eyelids and seeing only the vague outline of her husband, not knowing whether it was a dream or a truth.
– What happened to you? Where are our daughters? “My husband,” she whispered again unconsciously, and then she threw her head back sharply and moaned, feeling the painful pulsation in her stomach.
In the morning a woman again covered the wild pains in the uterus, but for the first time the warrior denied her of his seed.
Every hour the condition of the woman was getting worse.
The pain was becoming unbearable.
The spasms shook the body over and over again, causing it to burn in agony.
The child demanded a vital substance, and without receiving intuitively he sought the opportunity to break free, pushing in the body of a human female, and this caused unbearable suffering.
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