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Then they thought for a long time what to do with the pants – the child will not walk around the school in the same diaper.
“What would have been fun,” Ira laughed. “My friend’s two-year-old nephew walks like that all the time.
Without pants – in one diaper and short T-shirt.

– That would be our boys so dressed, – Olga smiled and everyone laughed together.
– In general, Maria Vasilyevna and I thought over this issue and decided to buy several pairs of ordinary children’s tights, – the nurse said, – First, you can wear them both for boys and girls.
Secondly, the knitwear is elastic and one is enough, a maximum of two sizes.
The same tights will fit both a six-year-old first grader and a nine-year-old child.
And third, what other pants to wear on a plump diaper? Only elastic tights.
“It’s logical of course,” said Ira, “It’s only so funny to see seven-eight-year-old boys in children’s tights.”
Boys only wear them in kindergarten.
– Yeah, the boys in the school tights are no longer worn, – said Olga.
– We have, – smiled Tanya.
– That’s right, – agreed with the nurse Lena, – The most suitable form of clothing.
If wets the pants, as small, do not be limited to diapers.

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The rest of the clothes should also be appropriate – as in kindergarten.
“Of course, then I had a completely different attitude to diapers and pantyhose,” Tanya continued the story. “Such emergency situations happen at most a couple of times a year.
Unless of course not to tune the children’s embarrass specifically, like that teacher.
A week goes by and she brings me another boy who described himself.
Everything is like last time.
She made an innocent face and left, leaving the child in my office.
A week later, the same story repeats.
Immediately two children described – and from the same class.
I did not know what to think.
Has the urinary incontinence epidemic started? And only in boys.
The tenth grader laughed softly.
“The further, the worse,” continued the nurse, “Almost every day she began to bring children to me.”
If only wet.
A couple of boys she managed to crap one’s pants.
– The same teacher? – clarified Lena.
– And who else, – Tanya smiled, – I was tired of this business and I openly asked her what was going on in their class.
She first tried to laugh it off, that she didn’t know why her children went under themselves, but I didn’t lag behind her, and in the end she confessed to me that she was punishing her students with wet pants for bad behavior.
– Do not let the toilet? – asked Olya.
– Aha, – Tanya nodded, – Imagine, forced to sit in the classroom, even at recess.
Just waited until the child could tolerate and inflate his pants.
“Well, such methods are too much,” said Lena.
– It’s good that in our time nothing like this was practiced in elementary school, – Olga smiled. Live cam sex skype.

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