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Quickly put on your pajamas, ”whispered Natasha, leading Kohl to his bed.
The boy hesitantly picked up a white T-shirt and began to wear it.
Mike was skinny, as if she were a size smaller.

But the most interesting thing – Kohl was surprised to find – this sleeve was worn with sleeves.
Kohl looked at his pajama pants on the bed and grimaced in displeasure – they, too, were sewn underneath, like romper suit.
What are you waiting for? – Natasha asked irritably. – Put on your pants.
Kolya quickly pulled on his pants, just as tight as a T-shirt.
Get in the crib, ”said Natasha, and, waiting for Kohl to cover himself with a blanket, she quickly lifted both side rails of his bed.
At the age of eight, Kohl has already lost the ability to sleep. Live hamster sex.

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