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And Katyukha is all the same slut in you.
– Shut up, do not say anything about my daughter.
– Come on, you might think you did not know.

– I say shut up, and generally get out of her life.
– Here I will fuck her, as I get tired and damn it.

And by the way, you too get ready, I will look again and again.
Arthur left, this went on for a whole year, he fucked his daughter at home, and I was fucked at work.
One fine evening, returning late home, I found my daughter lying in a beautiful, transparent peignoir.
She was lying and crying.
– Cate what happened.
– Arthur left me.
– The loss is not great, there will be other men for you.
– Mom is not the case, I needed him while she gave him and pushed legs as needed.
– And I always told you to be vigilant with whom you meet and sleep.
– Mom as so.
Kate roared.
I undressed, put on a short robe over her naked body and lay down next to her daughter hugging her.
– Cach, the peasants only need that we spread the legs.
– And what about love.
– Of course she is, and we believe and love fools of her.
And men love one place remember.
– Mom, he also said that you are a slut and you are called Chupa Chups at work.

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– Yes, my daughter is, I also wanted to arrange my life, live in love caress with a man, so I fell in love at work with one or the other, office romance began, and then rumors.
After these words, the daughter subsided, and I began to gently stroke her shoulder and arm, lightly touching her hips.
My daughter turned over to face me and sniffing kissed me on the lips.
I reciprocated and our tongues entwined in a sweet kiss, I didn’t even notice how my daughter’s hand was between my legs and tore at my clitoris, I decided to do the same and started her hand between my legs and began gently stroking my fingers. pussy, pubis of the daughter was smooth without hairs, but on my pubis there was a narrow strip of hairs which

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oh how much men liked.
After a couple of minutes of kisses, the daughter saddled me, untied the belt on the robe and stretched it, bending over to me, she held the tongue first over one excited nipple, and then another, with her gentle hands, she crumpled my big breast and sucked it.
In my head fog I liked what was going on so much that I didn’t want to stop.
My daughter came down at the legs bent and spread my legs.
The next moment, Kate fell her tongue to my pussy and began to lick her, squeezing her lips, she pulled my sex lips pulling and sucking them.
Finger pressed on the clitoris and also pulling on licking it.
My pussy gave juice and the daughter eagerly licked it with her tongue, penetrating it with her fingers then tongue into me.
I do not remember how I fell asleep, but I was very well.
I woke up completely naked, my daughter was not around, I went out into the kitchen in this form, and she was preparing breakfast there.
– Mom hello, good morning. Live nassau bahamas cam.

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