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Live nude black girls. You hesitate me?” – Olga took off her robe and was able to stand in front of Nastya completely naked.
Her beautiful breasts slightly diverged.
Sexy belly was tucked up.
Not a single gram of excess.

There was a thin strip on the pubis that led from the tummy to the folds of the labia.
“Are you still shy?” – smiling asked Olga.
“- answered Nastya and put her hands at the seams.
“Then climb out.
Let’s take a shower.
“- Olga helped Nastya to step over the slippery side of the jacuzzi and, holding her hands, led her into the shower cabin next door.
The cabin was quite spacious, that there were two more women of the same kind there.
Olga closed the glass door and opened the taps.
From the ceiling and hit the system of water.
Nastya opened, filling her face with jets.

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Chest raised.
The nipples stiffened and stood up.
Olga gazed at Nastya.
Then she hugged her from behind and put her palms on her chest.
Gently squeezing her hands, Olga massaged her nipples favorite.
Then stronger.
Nastya began to breathe heavily.
She put one hand on the arm of her beloved, and the other pulled her back and pulled Olga closer to her.
Olga spread her legs wider and began to cuddle her pubis against Nastya’s buttocks.
The heat inside women increased with a geometric progression.
But Olga stopped.
Reached a shower gel based on milk and honey.
I squeezed myself in the palm of my hand and began to rub the gel over Nastya’s chest.
Nastya groaned, clinging to Olga’s pubis and making round movements.
Olga rubbed the gel on the chest, neck, then began to go down.

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The right palm slowly crawled along Nastya’s belly, heading for the cleft between her lovely hips.
Fingers slippery from the gel hit the sex lips Nastya.
“- moaned Nastya.
Instinctively, Nastya squeezed her hips.
Olga stopped.
“Did a woman caress you?” – Olga asked.
“You are the first” – answered Nastya.
Do not be afraid.
“- Olga insisted.
“I’m not afraid, I want this.
I want you! “- Nastya got up and put her hand on Olga’s hand and pulled her lower, simultaneously spreading her hips.
“Did a man ever kiss you there?” – Olga did not let up.
Mneya was always taken only from behind.
We have not tried other poses.
Her husband did not like others.
“- answered Nastya.
“Did you caress yourself?” – Olga asked.
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