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The day began with love — the day was ended with love — it was from the last night.
that is, the last night of their living together in a double hotel room, – long and passionately, indefatigably – insatiably – they loved each other before going to bed.

they loved sweetly and intoxicatingly, as it happens in reckless youth, – they didn’t pronounce out loud, but both were well aware that they wouldn’t have the pleasure in the foreseeable future: they would not have the pleasure of living together – together.
not just to meet in fragments, so that, inserting pips in one another, eagerly revel in physical intimacy, but to live — return to the hotel room as if you were in your common home, slowly enjoying intoxicating intimacy, splashing together in the bathroom, waking up in the morning in one bed, talking each other “good morning” and again.

they fell asleep long past midnight.
And in the middle of the night Dimka suddenly woke up – opened his eyes.
he dreamed of that very square, which was buried in gold of leaf fall, through which he had walked once – a long time ago! – alone in the languor of his unrequited love.

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and now – in his dream – he walked with Rasik, and they held hands.
there was nothing else in his dream, only this: the yellow leaves from the trees are torn off, slowly spinning in the air, fall silently under their feet, and they go and walk through this leaf-burning gold leaf, holding hands.
It is customary to think that the yellow color is the color of the forthcoming separation, but this idea did not occur to Dimka, because the leaf fall in his dream was fabulously beautiful, and they were happy.
happy, they walked slowly, holding hands, – “the fifth time of the year” – Dimka thought, feeling the heat next to the sleeping Rasik.
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