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Bull, yes milkmaid! Cried Sam.
– And what should I do with you? The answer came immediately, when a long woman appeared over the head of the giantess.
very long strip of health.

“I see,” Sam chuckled.
– And I was thinking of joining you and being the third.
Then they would take pictures for memory and all that.
The battle began with a long distance and should be held for the time being.
Sam did not at all smile to please under hefty wheels like KAMAZ and to be screwed on them.
From the tits giantess fired shells.
Sam responded with a large caliber by pressing the right egg of the member.
But his well-aimed shots, which hit the giantess in tits, made her just scream indignantly.
And the health line has not even decreased a bit.
In general, it was not so simple.
Without stopping the shelling, the giantess planted herself on a member of her partner, and loudly wiggling and Akhaya began jumping up and down, obviously feeling pleasure.
Sam tried to shoot this couple of everything he had, but it turned out to be useless.
I had to arrange a jog in the hall between the columns in order to assemble ammunition and a little bit of armor there.
A couple continued to copulate, driving around on his bed throughout the room.
Soon, guns in the form of very long members grew up on the sides of the platform and began to shoot Sam with penis rockets.
These things were also homing.
Sam had to pretty much run around to save his ass, where they were aimed, and knock off the stubborn dildos from the dyroyeb.
Shooting and running lasted about ten minutes, and then the giant growled, and the giantess screamed.
They both shook from orgasm.
The member began to jerk shots of sperm into the bosom of the screaming giantess.
Then, the member and the eggs relaxed at once.
But the girl’s belly began to grow and rounded before my eyes.
Beautiful, so rounded.

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Sam shot at this belly, but again no results.
– Cho for crap that! How to overwhelm you? Can

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get to you and engage in melee? As Sam pondered this idea, the birth began.
The giantess pussy opened up and from there whoever didn’t crawl: chicken cock heads, pamelaandersons, mutant members and Latins.
All of them, shrieking and shouting, shaking, who tits, who eggs and dick, attacked Sam.
– Yo Mama! He began to shoot at newborns and rush around the room like a hare.
For a moment, he noticed that the giant’s wrinkled, skinny penis had slipped out of her partner’s vagina.
Her belly was drawn, relaxed.
She seemed to be resting.
Bitch fucking! Laid on her brood! Sam sent in the direction of the giantess one of the arches, not really hoping for something to succeed.
But a miracle happened! The target was stunned and the boss’s health bar trembled a little.
Aha That’s where the dog rummaged! Delighted Sam began to crawl at the giantess of all in a row.
The eyes watched with pleasure at the shrinking line of life.
But the joy did not last long.
First, one should not forget about the motley horde of giant children, who attacked Sam continuously, and secondly, the giant’s eggs were poured by force, swelled again and the penis grew, like in a fairy tale.
The giantess happily smoked and immediately planted on him.
Sam’s shots ceased to inflict damage on the enemy, and he was forced to be content with shooting the newborn predatory chicks.
A fair amount of ammunition went into this and again I had to wade through the columns, more precisely after the girls, who both moaned and whispered and called to him.
While all this was happening, much to Sam’s chagrin, the boss’s life line was restored.
Soap – bast, start over.
Well, at least now it became clear how to act.
Sam waited until the end of mating, then the birth and when the giantess relaxed, he began to shoot at her, ignoring her offspring.
But it was not so easy.
And not without much damage to yourself.
Sam did not knock down half the life of the boss, but his own was already hanging by a thread.
Spitting on the giantess, he ran to collect first-aid kits.
Hmmm, he had a choice: either to shoot the boss, or to fight off his creatures.
To do this at the same time was more than problematic.
While Sam regained his own health, yes, he tightened his armor, but collected the charges, the health of the boss, his mother recovered his strength.
Two more times, Sam tried to act in the usual way.
But every time he was waiting for failure.
No, he, of course, rushed to the first-aid kits, recovered, but lost precious time, and the giant, restoring his potency, began to fuck his beloved, making them invulnerable, and Sam left fools to run here and there from small annoying creatures. Live sex videos in hd.

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