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She was ready for anything, for pain, for humiliation, for anything that would make her feel alive.
These few minutes while no one touched her, seemed like an eternity to her, at last she felt strong touches, she hoped that it was Jacques, since who else could it be? She was scared, but nothing left but to obey.
He grabbed her neck and bent, she rested on something firm like a bench or chair, she did not see and did not hear how this object was brought to her, but she knew that before she was deprived of hearing and sight there It was.

Soon, she felt her legs spread wide, and fastened to the supports of this design – at the bottom of the knees and above just below the buttocks.
Further, her body was placed on an inclined plane, so that her head almost touched the floor, she realized this by the smell of dust that flowed into her nose.
She was fastened in two more places: in the waist area and slightly higher under the armpits, stretching the straps under her tightly bound hands.
As a result, she found herself in a dog pose on her knees with a highly raised ass, her neck and head were not fixed at all, obviously, they will need mobility in this part.
Masha was not hard to guess why.
And oddly enough, her new posture excited her, she began to imagine how they would begin to fill her holes.
Suddenly, she felt a sharp menthol smell, something splashed her right in the nose, depriving her of the last feeling – now the sense of smell also turned off, because the smell of menthol was so strong that it blocked all that she felt before.

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This was what she did not expect, she involuntarily sneezed and began to wrinkle her nose, trying to restore the work of the last sense organ left in her.
They again surprised her with their sophistication and left her alone, which right now she wanted the least.
She had no idea what was going on around her and did not know that on the stage, preparations were under way for her next test.
God, she wanted to cry.
She was breathing heavily and did not even suspect that the hall stood in anticipation with her.
After a while, Masha felt Jacques’s strong hand, as he grabbed her head, lifted it and lowered it to a narrow and long member.
By the way the blood pulsed in him, Masha realized that he was alive, not plastic, but its dimensions and shape seemed strange to her.
Out of her thoughts he brought a stinging blow to his ass with a whip, forcing her to start leading her head up and down the penis.
That was not at all easy, considering that the hands were behind and without support she had to strain her neck a lot.
Therefore, she was grateful to Jacques, who, in the end, again firmly grabbed her head and made her move faster and faster.
Very soon, to the great amazement of Masha, a member in her mouth began to grow and rounded.
At that moment the instinct worked and she tried to pull away, but Jacques firmly pressed her head to the bottom, not giving such an opportunity.
She did not have time to think again and understand what was happening, very soon her mouth was filled with the sperm of this creature, and already quite obviously inhuman.
When a member took back its original dimensions, her head was raised and lowered to the floor in a puddle of slimy mass, which flowed out of her mouth.
When the awareness of the incident began to settle in her brain, Masha fell into a panic.
She began to burst out, spinning and screaming that she had strength.
She did not hear herself, but she knew that she was screaming very loudly.
She was not worried by the blows that fell on her ass, or that she still could not free herself

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