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The strength of the impact on me is nothing compared to the cry of the pain of a long restraining woman.
And here it is necessary to be content only with convulsive jerks, groans and shoulders shaking from sobs.
But there was no time for hesitation, and I continued to whip Stella at a fast pace, with a force dropping the rod onto her quivering buttocks with a pull down and in different directions.

She tried to guess the direction, moving the pelvis in different directions, but I constantly changed it, and the girl always remained the loser.
Nevertheless, this game made her somehow distract from the pain.

But it remained to endure quite a bit.
No matter how hard I tried to wrest a scream from her, it was all in vain.
Despite the fact that in the end, her skin had burst in two places on her buttocks, and her whole body was glistening with sweat, Stella withstood the fifty strongest blows with a belt and thirty long sturdy rods without a single cry.
I have never seen anything like it before.
“Well, well, you can stand up,” I said, trying to add more condescension to my voice, but still there was a mixture of disappointment and admiration in it.

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“I think you earned a week-long vacation.”
We will be waiting for you next weekend.
But Stella was in no hurry to get up.
Wincing at the pain and whining softly, she stroked her ripped buttocks and thighs, which swelled right before her eyes, with fingertips.
I gave Larisa a sign, and she went for the medications, finally taking off this unforgettable sight in close-up.
Over the next week, Larisa and I more than once watched a video tape with a recording of this example of Stella’s incredible resilience.
She did not differ in low pain sensitivity, which was noticeable by the expressive facial expressions of her face, hidden from me in the process of whipping.
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