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Her pelvis hung motionless over the sofa.
I continued to vyebyvat! The tips of my fingers drowned in her waist (for sure, bruises will remain tomorrow).
Stretching streams of sweat, I finally realized what all this.

Drowning cock in her pussy, I froze too.
Karina took a deep breath and, moaning loudly, blissfully flattened herself on the sofa.

Her breasts often heaved.
The dancer could not catch her breath.
The elastic end left her vagina, continuing to rise upright above her shaved pubis.
Karina wiped sweat from her forehead, removed sticky hair from her face.
Her nipples are soft again.
The girl with might and main enjoyed an orgasm.
However, I was still far away.
I leaned over Karina, picked up a bottle of whiskey from the floor and spilled the rest into the throat.
He shook his head – cheered up! Karina continued to lie serenely.
Suddenly she opened her eyes and stared at my pink head, staring at her in the same way.
Then she burst into wild laughter.
Her cheeks immediately flushed with paint.
She hid her eyes.

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Somehow, I also became funny.
I lay down and stretched my lips to her.
Karina cupped my cheeks with her palms – we started to suck.
I steadily pawed her body: either for a small breast, then I would lay my hand on her pubis, and then I would pull at her pussy.
My partner’s consciousness was far away.
An alcoholic and incomparable aftertaste of an orgasm clouded her mind.
Meanwhile, my stallion asked for more.
He did not want to go to bed hungry.
I turned Karina on my stomach and lay on top of her.
Drops of noble sweat on her back glistened no worse than butter.
I ran my hands over her shoulders, began to massage.
The massage shifted down.
Karina moaning gratefully above.
Pink head tiredly plopped down on her buttocks.
My arms went down the spine to the side of the waist.
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