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My friend Simon has his own hyperlight ship, which he discovered in some commission, and did everything to bring back his former greatness.
With him I shared my thoughts.
And, of course, he did not hesitate to accept my offer to run away from where our eyes were looking from our provincial hole.

What can I say, the wind in my head and only.
When I told him about my idea of ??becoming a girl, he replied: “Man, I will accept any choice you make, and know that whatever you decide, I will never betray our friendship.”
I just had to answer: “Thank you, Sai, I appreciate it.”
So I became Roller.
My life flowed in the usual way, because no one knew that once “that juicy brunette with cool buffers over there” was an ordinary guy on a god-forgotten planet.
Most of all I wanted to lose my virginity.
I didn’t consider Simon for this role, as I was just friends, even though I heard here and there about the friendly rewrites of Simon’s friends and even incest in our era of free morality was no longer something very forbidden.
In general, life on some planets raged like a fountain.
And now it was possible to find a male who would print my virgin ass and make me his little slut – Simon was invited to Earth to

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some party in honor of the end of one of the dozens of wars, it is not clear what was unleashed and it is not known how finished, but certainly very important for the Earth in particular and all of humanity as a whole.
I have never been on Earth, our cradle.

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They say that now big bumps have settled on this planet, proud to live where it all began.
Just think.
Planet as a planet, and only.
What I wanted was to quickly drag some guy from this party to bed and play enough with his eggs and dick, I hope, big and juicy.
When the fun began, everything around it played with all the colors of the spectrum.
I was wearing a black tight-fitting dress with a cutout on the back, and on miniature legs sandals made of delicate ereocretus skin from Kojima planet are of the same color.
I must say, I looked spectacular.
Even Simon, usually a man of few words, said that my view was simply amazing.
The solution to the problem was not long in coming.
The men at the party were gallant and courteous, and I flirted with them with pleasure.
He threw me on the bed and began to cover the body with tender kisses, then he sat on his knees and unzipped his pants pants.
He looked at my eyes as a member of a man, exuding a delicate musky scent (probably some kind of new-fashioned modification?).
I sat like a rabbit, staring at a boa.
Then he put his mouth on his dick and began to gently fuck me.
Suddenly, the door of the room opened and a man appeared on the threshold.
“Meet, this is Gerard, my old friend, do you mind if he joins our cozy company,” my man whispered.
And all would be nothing, but only it was Gerard Simeon, yes Simeon, none other than the father of your friend Rolyaki Simeon.
I even went around my head.
What will happen now, will he recognize me? And in the stomach in the meantime, growing desire and arousal.
This evening surprises are not over.
To be continued.
Sergey was sitting on the back of the desk and tried to listen to the teacher, but he could hardly manage it, because he wanted to sleep.
He had already combined his studies and work for a long time, he was already accustomed to and even had a good time at school and at work, but all the same this affected first of all his sleep and studies.
Sergey didn’t know what to do with only one subject, he simply didn’t give him anything, a lot of not submitted works, no understanding of the subject and a strict teacher did their job. Naked beach hidden camera.

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