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Victor used to pester me with this, and I even once after someone’s birthday and decent libations gave way.
But it was very painful and I did not like it.
Now the pain was not so terrible, but after the first movements of the penis inside me, it completely stopped.

And if she remained, I would not have noticed her against the background of new sensations.
It is so captured and so excited me that the orgasm did not take long to wait.
I have never flown so much and completely disconnected.
When she came to, she lay on her back with a terry towel carefully laid under the ass and between the legs.
My lovers lay left and right and stroked my breasts.
Apparently, the night was just beginning.
– What is the name of the girl who does not suck? – I do not know.
How? – Her name is not.
With Julia, we studied in the same class for several years.
However, in those days we did not notice each other point-blank, she had her own company, and I had my own.
She met with someone, quarreled, parted, the same thing happened to me.
In one world, Julia lived in herself, and in the other I lived.
We have a friendly class, for 8 years already after graduation, we regularly meet annually, thump, have fun and remember the old.
It turned out that a couple of years ago, at a meeting of graduates, Julia and I sat next to each other.

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Word for word, we talked, caught one wave, drank, danced a couple of slow fish and, one might say, opened ourselves up for each other.
And this is after about 20 years of dating! After a while we met.
Our relationship began on its own with a summer evening walk, a sweet talk, mutual smiles and a subsequent blow job in a dark cozy corner of the park on the bench.
Relations, almost entirely based on, how to put it, perfect sexual compatibility.
We could infuriate each other with elements of our behavior, certain habits, but in bed we merged together in ecstasy and forgot about all discontent.
I love when a girl makes a blowjob with adoration and pleasure.
And it is very important that she herself dragged from the process, and not just perform mechanical movements, because I like it or I

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asked her about it.
It’s better than nothing.
Blowjob Julia loved and knew how.
I, of course, actively used it.
We walked, it happened, in the evening by the sea, breathing iodine.
We have a large litter, fruit bag, a bottle of mineral water and a mosquito spray.
We choose a deserted beach, fall on the litter, smoke, communicate, eat on apricot.
The very moment comes when romance and endorphins are going through the roof, and there can be only one continuation.
My hand, covered with a towel, already caresses Yulin clitoris, so gentle and pleasant to the touch.
Two fingers enter into it and begin to massage the area under the pubis.
Julia rolls her eyes and arches her back.
Then out of nowhere appears a guy of about 18 and asks for a cigarette.
I would not say that I was embarrassed.
Rather funny.
With the same fingers, smelling like female juice, I take a cigarette out of the pack and give it to him.
“- To health.”
The guy thanks and leaves, grinning.
Julia impatiently unbuttons my jeans, runs my hand into my underpants and wraps my arm around my dick. Naked cam boys.

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