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He wants to say something, but does not have time – I muffle the sound with a kiss.
For a while, we just kissed.
Our lips were played with each other, kissing gently, then deeply.

Just grabbing his lips, and lightly nibbling.
Hands do something themselves.
Slide on the chest, stomach, thighs.
Dive into the infinite tenderness of female secrets.
Flutter like a butterfly touch on the shoulders.
The warm tenderness of her body gives such pleasure that I want to close my eyes and dissolve in her.
I rub her girlish lips with my hands – they unfold under my hands like a beautiful, even to the touch, flower.
Fingers just fall into the hot amazingly slippery depth, pulling out another groan from her chest.
HER legs spread apart wider and she moves her pussy onto my fingers with her hips.

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From the thrilling sensations of her legs literally apart on the splits, and the body melts almost to the bridge, escaping from my hands.
Feeling how slippery hotly and eagerly I put in first two fingers, then three and waving from my own arrogance and unusual situation I put three fingers into my pussy and one below and just started fucking her with my palm, waving it from its disjointed screams, which I couldn’t make out where is passion and where is pain.
Looking at her widely divorced legs, flowing down from the open pussy of a drop and kissing her velvety skin, I decided on a very crazy experiment.
Taking out the little finger from the ass and smearing it and the thumb in her juice, while she rested from the previous stormy offensive, I began to gradually put my hand into her bosom.

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Her lips opened in a silent scream.
Her body was finely trembling.
Her hands opened her legs stronger and stronger and under my goggle, my hand disappeared into a tender girlish body.
HER uterus tightly clasped my hand.
Attempting to make a fist in her bosom caused an indescribable feeling of tight, hot and at the same time slippery grip of my hand.
I begin, slightly twisting the brush, to move my hand, going through my fingers.
HER lips incoherently babbled something about the fact that it is impossible that: Oh! I do not: Aah! Her body was shallow, but very shaky.
Natasha’s hands then spread her legs wider, then scratched my shoulders.
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