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But all our peasants sat in their places and worked hard.
I was again put on the table, but Volodya already indicated to me that I would spread and, at the same time, spread the sexual lips.
From me flowed sperm.

And around this sperm wandered the hands of Vladimir.
Lord, how I lost my shame.
I am commanded – spread your legs, and I am pushing, in the presence of male colleagues.
Vladimir pushes my finger past the genital lips, the second and third, gives out vulgar cues.
And I’m excited! At the same time, Yuriy once again reminded that Vladimir, even before 12 o’clock of tomorrow, may be your boss, this way and that, but as soon as the next winner is chosen, the Prize will belong to the next one as well, well, unless Vladimir becomes the winner again .
Well, since you, workaholics, have not yet dispersed, keep in mind that the winner brings those clothes for Olga Ivanovna, which he sees fit.
The requirement is one – every time the clothes should be even more frank.
So, we’ll hang up Olga Ivanovna’s current form as a model next to her workplace, and let her go home now in this and Gena took out my little sundress, which was thoroughly wet from the discharge that flowed from me today.
Volodya, still demonstratively pawing me, helped me put on a sarafan.
I gladly showed everyone the peculiarities of wearing a sarafan.
If the bottom button is not buttoned – all pussy is perfectly visible.
As the breasts immediately fall out, if you unfasten the top button and the sarafan itself is shot off.

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If you unfasten and the last central button.
And as if raising hands to the top, a sarafan buried me no more than a beacon.
Everyone cheered and Gena and I left.
Volodya remained to gossip.
Going down the stairs from the fifth floor, Gennady again reminded me that I would keep closer to the railing and spread my legs wider, I noticed to him, well, let’s also unbutton the bottom button.
And Gena said firmly – unzip.
I had to unbutton it.
Stunned, I’m actually barely leaving work and with a cloying odor from not covering a piece of

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Thank God, at such a late hour, no one was there, but closer to the entrance, Gena allowed at least to catch the bottom button.
Those 500 meters from home to work that we had, this morning we passed playfully and in the evening with conversations.
Immediately on the street I began to ask questions – where do we go in the evening, since I really want group sex.
Gennady said that he had a family – he would drop by for an hour and then later – he would say where we were going.
Already at the entrance I heard the sound of guitars and literally clung to Gena – I had to be escorted to the fifth floor, otherwise the boys would see me.
Gene joked, probably – well, so while I have dinner, have sex with them, I reminded him that I will continue to live with my husband.
Gene brought me to the 5th floor.
I was terrified by the thought – if someone from my son’s friends could identify me now.
Gena in my apartment busily removed my robe and reminded me that I would hang it on the balcony.
He stood and looked, I decided to follow his instructions: I resolutely opened the balcony door and first went out onto the balcony, without looking around at all, hung up a robe.
Well, nothing terrible – the neighbors, and left and right – old and will not see.
The following story will be called: OLGA.
Part of the 3rd.
Second day.
In the morning slipping out from under him, she went around the house.
Throwing on some of his shirt, she studied someone else’s life.
This life was super comfortable, expensive and cold. Pari bonga cams com.

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