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But the displeasure of the lady became for me more important than all my feelings.
She will sit for as long as she wants, I realized, she owns my mind, my actions and of course my body.
She is entirely my mistress.

Another thing that I realized at these moments, since I just had to think and see her legs in front of me, which lay quietly on me, this is something that even though she did not say, but now this girl will control my sexual needs .
She will know about my every orgasm.

Only she will allow me, and control this process, I even sighed louder than usual, a little surprised by this my mistress.
She will completely dispose of me.
I just felt and saw how she makes me a professional lizuna.
She taught me perfect oral sex so that I could use my mouth and tongue better than my dick.
The highest goal of the life of a slave is the enjoyment of the lady, she didn’t repeat, putting this axiom just in my head.
Still, to great horror, I realized that I almost rarely have to use my dick, the lady ignored him.

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Previously, I considered him to be my pride, he was quite large and beautiful, but after meeting with the lady, I had to reconsider a lot.
She was interested in something completely different.
And the worst thing that still did not fit in my head – Helen teaches me to have anal sex.
So I felt the pleasure of this, and not from a member.
I just felt it.
She makes me a girl with a dick or not know anyone.
It is necessary in no case will not succumb to this, otherwise its power and power over me will increase without limit.
Otherwise, I will turn into her lustful slut who will beg to fuck her and expose her ass to her strapon herself.
She undoubtedly achieves this, and this must be resisted.
I imagined how I myself beg her to fuck myself, which made me uncomfortable, I should not allow it in any case.
Read free online sex stories.

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