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She slowly tilted her head to my stomach, lightly wrapped her head in my cock, with her little red lips, and began gradually, san timeter by centimeter, to suck it into her mouth.
It was divine torture, from which I did not want to get rid of before the end of the century.
Putting my hand on her head, I suspended her action, and said.

-Lag, please, on the back, I also want to make you enjoyable.
She, releasing my cock from her mouth, slowly sank to her back, spreading her legs apart.
I, having thrown my leg over her head, with my member, found myself again in front of her mouth, and my face naturally turned out to be opposed to the languishing desire, which had already become completely wet, pussy.
Touching the tip of the tongue to the pea of ??her clitoris, I felt a small tremor in her body, and at the same time felt the touch of her lips on my penis.
Moving my tongue over her clitoris, I gradually moved from him to her lips, then I approached the vagina, and again moved to the clitoris.
She also caressed the member, moved to the testicles and perineum, which also gave me a lot of positive sensations.
– Maxim, I want you, I heard Lena’s voice.
Looking up from her stunning pussy, I took the appropriate position on the bed, hugged her, while sucking my lips to her nipples.
Caressing her breasts, slowly threw his leg over her legs, and, being from the top, began to slowly move the member in the area of ??her pubis, imitating the process of self-buying.
-Well, come into me, Lena whispered impatiently, don’t you see that I want you.

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“A little patience,” I answered softly, again inviting her to a kiss.
After a protracted kiss, I again, slightly pulled away from Lena, giving both her and herself time to cool off a little.
Having cooled down a bit, both me and Lena again, with heat, attacked each other.
We again clung to each other with a new force; I gradually transferred my kisses back to her pussy, and she, again, gripped my dick with her lips.
This sweet torture lasted for about five minutes, after which, I could not hold back the same, and, sliding my penis to her sweet vagina, I began to slowly introduce, trying to push him as far as possible.
– Deeper, deeper, even deeper, start moaning softly, whispering in my ear Lena, I want to feel you all.
And I tried as best I could, thrusting it as deep as possible, and leaning on it with all my weight.
Moving a member in a warm, and affectionately wet vagina of my dear Lenochka, I tried to hold back as long as possible, no matter what, and it was not easy.
Tender embrace of the tender walls of her pussy, Helen tried to just drive me crazy, she milked my dick like on a machine milking machine.
My breathing became faster, the blows of the penis became deeper and more frequent.
– Maxim, dear, finish in me, I so want to feel your sperm

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in myself, she whispered, trying not to cry out and not to wake up her parents.
And I, no longer restraining myself, began to move with the power of a steam hammer.
The first shot of my sperm was in her, the second, when I was already pulling him out, and the rest, I was already spraying on her stomach and breasts.
By this time, she, too, had finished, and began to spread her hands on her body and licked her hands, which were covered with a thin layer of my sperm.
“Little dear, thank you for these wonderful moments, you were simply gorgeous, with admiration, in my ear,” I whispered.
“You, too, were inimitable, beloved,” she answered, and strongly pressed herself to me with my whole body.
We fell asleep without opening our arms.
Two days later, when I arrived at the university, everyone learned that Lena had a regular guy, and this guy, me.
At the end of the third year, we got married with Lena.
We live in perfect harmony.
She and my parents were glad of this event.
Finally, their children oste-foams. Sex anal webcam.

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