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Besides, my father had a friend as the dean of my faculty.
So they arranged for me, although I had no doubt that I would have passed by myself.
She lived in a hostel.

There was not enough money for food and beautiful clothes.
I had a choice: either to walk in my everyday clothes, which would not emphasize form, or single out among their peers (and what they would allocate there would not even be on the same level with their tight ass pants and trousers opening tits), or starve the whole month.

Parents couldn’t send out anymore.
So I thought.
Then somehow everything turned out so ugly.
We sat at the girlfriends in the room, drank champagne, celebrated someone’s birthday.
The guys came, they dragged more alcohol.
In general, while I was under the shafa, one of my friends — a red camel — and also pimply — began to stick to me.
He himself flopped into a chair, he sat me on his knees.
Began to paw, crawl under a t-shirt and panties.
In the end, there he fucked me.
Some time has passed.
The psychological trauma is overgrown, and I have already accepted the fact that in order to break through in this life, I must put my legs apart.

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So I fucked a kid.
he even called me his girlfriend, and she received gifts from him.
When the sponsor suddenly found another, I stayed aground.
Money was wasted on clothes, there was no food in the room.
Then my friend called me to the club, they say, we will find new ones there.
I agreed.
Only on this get-together I found out what she was doing.
The girl is beautiful, attracted guys flirted.
They offered her a night of happiness and love, she directly told them the price.
Believe me, you would also agree to otmet such ass for such money.
In the end, I was in the case.
She described the essence to me, I caught it.
Who cares, I thought, do you sleep with him, because they oblige your relationship, or just for money.
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