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Approached the end of another working day.
“It’s time to get home,” thought Vera Andreevna.
On Monday, Olga, as agreed, brought her son to the clinic.

She certainly did not go into details of the treatment in order to avoid a child’s hysteria.
But one mention that he stays in the clinic for a week was enough to cause tears in the boy.
Olga felt sorry for her son, but she understood that she herself, without professional medical care, would not for a long time wean Kohl off diapers.
Please try to behave yourself, – said Olga to her son after a short farewell in the emergency department of the clinic, – And now, too, do not be capricious.
Kohl numbly kept silent, restraining with all his might, so as not to not cry. Sex bongacams com.

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