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That’s the finish – a moment of ecstasy: you fly, and I’m flying! Fatigue and delight.
and in my ear I whisper.

No matter.
I do not remember, just, it was good! Rest, cool.
then repeat again.
– Mmm.
– Favourite.
– Hee.
– Well.
Faila went home from the monastery and thought about what a wonderful surprise she would make to her mother, having appeared so unexpectedly at home.
Faila was a novice and lived in a monastery at the insistence of her mother.
she believed that in our vicious age only a monastery could protect a girl from profligacy.
her mother, after the death of her only spouse, never married, spent all her time singing prayers, fasting and reading religious literature.
at least, Failey had that impression.
Her mom had several girlfriends from the time of girlhood.
They often got together for charity.
They also performed some rituals that Faile was strictly forbidden to observe.
What a surprise Failey was when opening the door to their apartment, she heard someone’s sweet moans.
she wondered if her mother, in a fit of religious ecstasy, began to engage in self-torture.
But when she entered the room, she saw that her mother was lying on the sofa with her legs wide apart and frantically rubbing herself between her legs, which they were strictly forbidden to do in the monastery.

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the television was turned on for the first time in Fali’s whole life and it was such an abomination that she couldn’t even describe.
Turning away from this disgusting spectacle, Faila sneaked to the TV and turned it off by touch.
“Mom,” she called.
She opened her eyes, staring senselessly at her daughter.
She saw a beautiful delicious bitch.
masturbate her bored, now the doll will entertain her.
Matilda got out of bed, took her daughter by the hair.
The file of fasting, prayers and the habit of pacifying one’s flesh was very weak.
In addition, it was taught in no way to contradict the parents.
But when she was jerked to her knees and dragged to the couch by the hair, she had deaf, squeezed, ecstatic-like moans from the pain.
Matilda half-legged on the sofa, spread her legs and poked her daughter’s face in her wet, hot, sticky pussy.
Fail felt a strange-smelling liquid on her face.
She licked.
the liquid seemed salty to her with a strange tart taste.
Matilda began to drive her daughter’s face between her legs, pressing him so tightly that she blocked the airway of the girl.
in addition, she began to squeeze her more and more with her legs, fucking her face with cunt.
During all this time there was not a sound, TK Matilda was too busy, and File always waited for the permission of the mother, abbess or other

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