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She did not have time to think about it, as a member quickly dived, reached the uterus and began to spew sperm.
Strange, but she was not outraged.
While Mikhail’s member, without ceasing to decline, gave the last drops, Tatyana suddenly realized that she had already forgotten what it was like when a man ends up in you.

Not a condom, but like that for a living.
And what she really liked.
So naturally, and it gives the man more pleasure, the law of nature, you cannot get anywhere.

Tatiana did not worry about pregnancy, she had been drinking pills for about seven years.
She just thought, and why I drink them, I never allowed myself to have sex without protection, but saw.
As for the health of Michael, she also did not worry.
Tatyana knew, a friend has sex with her husband without condoms, and the friend was healthy, which means that Mishka is okay.
She was amused by one more thought, which is now embarrassing, we are now one group that has sex, if not three, but in turn certainly.
Tatiana was alarmed by this “having sex by turns,” is this what happens, will there be more with Mikhail? Okay, think it over.
But then she opened her eyelids, which she never opened, saw Michael in front of her.

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The orgasm was, well, just awesome.
I already forgot what it was like to end up in a woman without an elastic band.
My wife does not count.
I pulled out a member and moved them around the vagina.
After a few seconds, sperm began to flow out of the vagina.
Catching it with the end, I began to smear it over my lips, and then, unable to restrain myself, I ducked inside again.
With a satisfied physiognomy, he leaned toward Tatiana: – You have just a treasure there.
I am delighted.
Tatyana looked at me with a thoughtful look: – I am glad that you liked it, really.
Tell me, what was it like to finish like this, really? I lay down next to me, put my hand on my chest and began to gently knead: “It’s great, something the animal is waking up.”
No barriers, no obstacles, skin to skin.
“You will be surprised, but I also liked it,” she turned her face towards me, “and you did not think about the consequences?” And if I get pregnant? I quietly laughed: – We are bringing up, – but I saw Tanki’s threateningly moving eyebrows, I hurried to add, – I knew that you were on pills.
Surprise after surprise.
Tatyana was in easy prostration.
About her so much is known, and she is not a dream, not a spirit.
For the first time crept in doubt that it releases threads of what is happening.
Mikhail clearly saw more, and consequently more kept under control.
She needed to figure this out, how to behave, and indeed what to do next.
From thinking it brought Michael.
– Let’s continue the conversation? Tanya, getting out of bed, tried to hide behind the pier: – I’m in the

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shower, and then continue. Sex cam liv.

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