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Now, when at the same time two moon maidens caressed him from the sides with his hands and tongues, and the penis straddled the third, Tauno simply exploded from the inside, feeling nothing around, except how the moon maidens in six hands, three tongues, and one vagina soothe him.
The girl who saddled him accelerated the pace with every second, sitting down deeper, and her vagina tightly covered Tauno’s dick, touching invisible strings, bringing him closer to orgasm every second.
And so, Tauno with a scream began to cum right into her.

Tauno huddled in on the grass, experiencing an orgasm for an orgasm, which could not possibly be with any other woman.
He wriggled, curved, writhed in sweet agony.
He has never had such numerous orgazam in a row, even with other moon maidens on past holidays – it seemed that it would never end.

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But the orgaistic waves subsided a bit.
And then another moon maiden suddenly squeezed Tauno’s testicles with force, causing the orgasm to sweep with a new force, and her mind clouded.
From the young man’s lips came a cry that mixed pain and pleasure.
There was no sperm, but the penis continued to twitch inside it, until it got off of it.
Finally, it’s over.
According to all the canons of Tauno, it was necessary to disconnect after everything, but he stubbornly remained conscious, lying on the grass, surrounded by moon maidens, who had risen and started spinning again in the dance.
The potions were running out.
Tauno could no longer continue.
By the edge of his consciousness, he understood that in the morning his body would avenge such treatment with him, and he would barely get out of bed, unless, of course, he dragged himself to the house, and did not fall asleep right here, like so many of the celebrants.

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His legs no longer obeyed, and Tauno sank down on the grass, stretching out his arms and legs, and looking at the sky.
The youth’s blurred drug consciousness barely perceived what was happening around.
Somewhere out of the corner of his eye, he saw his neighbors, who were also tired after a stormy night.
Next to him are two moon maidens caressing Kirtian, who was also resting on the grass.
Kirtian took much more than Tauno himself, and was completely bored with potions.
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