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She looked so amazing that as soon as she seemed to me in this, I pounced on her, bent down and quickly fucked.
Finally our guests arrived! Vlad, Yana’s acquaintance, by coincidence, also decided to be in the role of doctor this evening, and Yana went to Natasha’s room to conjure over her outfit.
In the meantime, Vlad and I met in the kitchen, drinking whiskey.

Vlad, was not tall, athletic build, with dark hair a young guy.
We talked about any nonsense, what is supposed to talk when you meet a person.
And so, under the sound of heels on kitchen tiles, our girls came to us.
I was pleasantly surprised by Yana’s choice, and Vlad didn’t have his jaw anymore when he saw our pupae.
Natasha dressed Jan in a very frank bunny costume, in other respects from the bunny there were only ears on her head, and on the body over lace lingerie there was a mesh bodysuit, with special cuts in the area of ??her pussy and breast, and her legs were shod in shoes.

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How I wanted to take possession of both of them right now and repeat the evening before, but it was necessary to be patient, because our new friend might not have suspected anything right, but was still not ready for our games.
We drank, talked, smoked and had fun, Vlad probably never once looked into the girls’ eyes, and all the time was staring at their bulges.
But alcohol did its job and it slowly became more relaxed.
It was time to move into the room and play something, in general, competently approach the most important dessert of the evening.
And they didn’t think about it.
Cards? Well I do not know.
Contests? And which ones? If the cards, then the strip, and where else would the girls undress ?! So without inventing anything, I offered another drink and go play a fool for a wish.

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To my surprise, everyone approved, and Vlad’s eyes lit up with more joy.
Moving into a room with drinks and snacks, we began to play, sitting on the floor and leaving only a floor lamp from the light.
The first winner was Vlad, the desire was not tricky, just right for the first: he asked to drink a shot of tequila from Yana’s chest and lick a pinch of salt from there.
But the breast size did not allow the first one to come to fruition, and since my beloved chest was bigger in size and the corset was in addition squeezing it well, he drank tequila from her chest, and salt licked from Yana’s chest and sat down happy on the floor.
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