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The hand was under the skirt and stroked the clitoris through the pantyhose – I forbade her panties to wear.
After a few seconds, I began to violently lower her face, but she intercepted the head with her mouth and swallowed every last drop.
– What are you delicious, – she giggled.

Wiping a dick on her cheeks, I slapped my head on her dutifully sticking out tongue and tucked the dick into my pants.
“Okay, nipple, run to class, otherwise you’ll be late.”
Helped her to get up, slapped on the bottom and spent a long look.
Yes, I got a good bitch plasticine.
It would be necessary to teach her to take a member deeply and there will be absolutely everything in openwork.
On the way home I get a text message: “I sit on a pair with a wet pussy, I still have a taste of your sperm in my mouth! I broke the tights (((” I think it would be appropriate to give this slut a belt and how to fuck at night.
She just loves it when hard to use.
The answer is “you will be punished fucking.”
And waiting for the return.
As soon as she comes home, I immediately drag her onto the bed, forcing her to show the damage done by the expensive tights I donated.

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I shake my head sternly and give her a gentle slap.
She fucking smiles and opens her mouth, in which I spit sweetly.
Then on the face, in the eyes.
I throw on the bed, sharply tear off the tights on the hips, and insert it to her.
The legs in the boots are thrown over my shoulders, and I frantically pound her wet wet hole.
She opens her mouth again and gets spit.
Oh, how good is your cunt! But in my plans today is different.
I turn her over so that her head hangs out of bed, and I put her mouth on the dick.
At first slowly, giving her the opportunity to get used to.
I feel the head, as she swallows convulsively, trying to suppress the gag reflex, giving me double pleasure.
I push her dick in the throat and admire how a bump appears on her neck with each of my immersions.

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I hold her throat and do not let her breathe, fucking hard until she breaks loose.
I give my breath, kissing her lips, all her face in sticky saliva, ink flowed, tears poured into her eyes, but the look of an insatiable female erupted even more.
I meet her gaze and whisper lips to my lips: – I will make you a model nipple, you will only serve me with your mouth, did you understand? – Of course, Master.
Of course I understood.
She is generally intelligent.
I push her unceremoniously, sit on the bed, letting her torture her own mouth.
She chokes and obediently sucks, licks eggs, swallows the entire scrotum, rolling eggs in her mouth.
Again sucks dick and tries to take it entirely.
I stretch her wide hole with my fingers, forcing me to moan with my mouth shut.
After 10 minutes I feel sucked – tired.
I put her on all fours on the hard floor and start to fuck hard, watching with pleasure as her lips turn out under the pressure of my cock.
The anus, too, sweat and pulsate, revealing at my full immersion.
Her head is pressed to the floor and I let her suck her toes, letting her know that she is just my thing.
In response, you can hear a satisfied purr and loud cries.
Finally, let her down in her mouth, and let go of the wash.
She comes back from the shower and lies down next: – Have the windows been open all this time ?! I nod.
She blushes.
– So we woke up all the neighbors! I feel that she is again beginning to breathe deeply, and rubs her butt on my gaining dick.
With a sigh of doom, I again stretch her and fuck, fuck, fuck.
🙂 This procedure was repeated every time when she had her period, her mouth eventually began to work more intensively and better than a pussy, and I began to think about how to take her third hole into a turn.
In a few weeks, Ira could bring an orgasm to her mouth with one mouth, without using her hands.
Only his lips, tongue and neck.
When I fucked her other holes, I definitely shoved 3-4 fingers to her glands, forcing me to look into my eyes.
She fully learned to suppress reflexes and sat down throatly on her palm.
In the next story I will tell about our several extreme cases of sex)
Just four out of forty eight! Four true victims.
Or consider themselves as such.
It would be interesting to ask them: “Is it you personally, the miss, the decision made, or did your relatives push you to it?”.
What do they themselves think about this? Without lies, on cleanliness! Of course, no one and nothing can please everyone – this is an axiom.
There are no films that everyone would like, no books, no pictures, no music, no works of architecture, no.
– a lot of things not! Accordingly, there are no girls who would have liked Mr. Sexy girl bongacams.

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