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With burning curiosity, she asked me for details.
By morning, a decision was made: to finish the institute, to enlist together at a meteorological station together and try to bypass men.
Part 3 LIA.

The man was very heavy.
Natasha and I had difficulty dragging him into the control room.
He’s all iced up.
We pulled off his outerwear, shirt, leotard, and moved the bed to Natashkin.
Natasha took a woolen scarf, moistened it with alcohol and told me to rub it, and she began to heat the water, messing with the first-aid kit.
I confusedly looked at the knight bent in front of me, who had grown up with a thick reddish beard, and did not know where to start.
Seeing my confusion, Natasha came up, with a decisive movement removed the pants from the victim, threw a towel in their place and showed how to rub, drawing my attention to the legs and right hand, whose fingers were completely white.
I energetically set to work, and after a few minutes my fingers were no longer white, and my body turned pink.
From my sharp movements, the towel shifted several times, I straightened it, trying not to see what was under it, but my eyes would stop on the towel from time to time and I would see a picture that I saw only a few moments before Natasha did not throw a towel.
The man opened his eyes and said something.
I wrapped him with our blankets and Natasha’s fur coat.
Natasha began to give

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him medicine and tea, and told me to get in touch.
Late in the evening, having finished, finally, with all the troubles, we lay down in my room on the bed.
Excited by the event, I could not fall asleep.
In my memory there were pictures, inspired by the appearance of the body of a naked man.
I endured our decision with Natasha to avoid men quite easily.

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Natasha also had more difficult.
For the year of her marriage, she used to regularly satisfy her passion, and here at a remote metro station, we were left alone for a long time.
Once, bad weather brought a group of tourists to our station.
They spent the night in our room and the next day went on.
After they left, we found a left Danish magazine and three photos attached to it.
The magazine was left, of course, not by chance, deliberately, in order to drive into embarrassment two lonely girls.
Natasha looked at the pictures with a certain understanding of what was depicted there.
For me, every picture was a revelation.
When we looked at it, we blushed and turned pale, looking embarrassedly at each other and tried to quickly turn over the most candid picture, and then a sharp and exciting curiosity made us return to it again.
The photos in the magazine were invested with great knowledge and a certain taste.
The whole magazine was dedicated to two women who satisfied each other without the help of men.
Well, right for us with Natasha.
The photos were of a different kind.
On one of them lay a naked man on his back with his feet to the lens.
His legs were shifted, his whole body was tense, his penis standing upright, half was immersed in the vagina of a squatting woman.
The woman’s legs were spread wide.
From all the clothes on her were stockings, attached to a narrow belt.
With her right hand, she sent a member into herself.
There was a smile on her face.
On the other is a girl standing on some kind of elevation on all fours.
Behind her stood a man and introduced his penis between her buttocks.
At first I was surprised. Can it not be in that hole? But Natasha enlightened me that in such a position it is just convenient to introduce the member exactly where it should be.
The girl was very pretty and with some vaguely touching expression looked at the young man standing behind her, adding something resembling a nezn-komtsev.
The third photo finally drove me into the paint.
A woman was lying on the carpet, and a man was lying on her face, facing her legs – on fours.
Lips he clung to the heart of a woman, and the head of his penis was in her mouth.
An expression of indescribable passion was on their faces.
Natasha said that these pictures are familiar to her.
I understood what she was hinting at and stuck to her to tell her the details.
Her story made an extraordinary impression on me.
On the one hand, the actions seemed terrible to me, on the other hand, they aroused keen curiosity and a desire to experience this. Sexy white girl webcam.

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