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I was wrong.
The stranger was clearly interested in a couple of people who saw each other for the second time in their lives.
She swam to Veronica and just leaned on the side.

“It’s the same thing as coming to the pool,” Veronica continued.
– This is something else: I have seen a lot in life.
Your sex is not something special for such an institution.
If this topic is interesting, I can arrange invitations to private parties for those who like to indulge.
– Do you rent this restaurant? – was interested in Veronica.
– Yes.
This happens once a month.
At our parties, people get rid of each other and can do whatever their heart desires, fulfill all whims.
– And what are you doing? – First, we communicate at the tables, have a drink, relax: Then people gradually accumulate in the pool, more modest, in most cases they are beginners, they prefer to hide in rooms.

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And then, having become liberated, they join the bulk.
Last week, for example, we played the train.
I approached the couple in the same way as today to you, and gradually people began to add behind my back.
As a result, half of the basin was occupied by a continuous, copulating train of people stuck to each other.
Veronica was delighted with what she heard: – Amazing! – Here a woman can choose any man, a man – any woman.
Once we even seduced the waitress, which is forbidden according to the charter of the restaurant.
They are not allowed to contact customers.
But we have done everything possible so that it does not go beyond the limits of our circle.
Young girls waitresses undergo a rigorous selection to get here to work, and earnings here are quite high.
But the forbidden fruit, he’s so sweet, agree!

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And we could not resist the temptation, tempting an attractive waitress: – Amazing! – continued to admire Veronica.
Her eyes were burning, and it was already safe to say that this was the future visitor of private parties.
– Some wonder why we are going here, and not in any ordinary pool or sauna.
But our answer is simple.
Here is a different atmosphere.
An atmosphere filled with children’s dreams of life under water.
Have you been to the rest rooms? – No, I’m here for the first time.
– ABOUT! You must visit them.
These are rooms furnished with furniture that does not deteriorate with water.
Sexycreolyta4u s bio and free webcam.

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