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And if I save, it means I have lived the life correctly.
So that! To verify the princess you need at least a pea, and for the queen nothing is needed.
You feel it with all your senses.

When I first saw you, I was simply amazed by the magnetism that comes from you! It was crushing! Yes? And I thought you were shocked by my legs? After all, men look first at the female legs, then at the face, then at the soul! If you wore a soul, as you wear a mini, then perhaps everything would be different.
But magnetism from you always goes mystical.
Royal! Feeling – in front of you is a different woman! Well, we still have time to talk about queens.
And it will be a thorough dialogue.
But foolishly play in the box, I will not let you, my dear! I have not taken everything from you what I need! So, get better and go home.
And then the cat does not eat for three days.
We are sitting with him, we are watching a stupid telly, we are waiting for you.
Bear in mind – if you don’t get better, give me an oak tree, you will break it into a cake, but I will find a blue necrophile, it will regularly dig you out and pervert over your corpse. Spy cam nude videos.

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