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He stuck the stocking in my mouth and turned me over by force.
I only dutifully otopyryla ass.
I reached out with my hands tied to the hole.

She was gigantic! And she could not close.
Sergey put his flaming member in my hand.
– Come on, Anya, insert yourself.
I grabbed him and began to sit down.
Member entered much easier than in the beginning.
When I completely planted my ass on him, Sergey again began to hammer me.
He pressed me into bed.
From such sex, my hole began to squish.
The pain was much less.
I already moaned only from pleasure.
More precisely, it was like a satisfied moo because of the stocking in the mouth.
Then I finished the bed under me.
But Sergei did not think to finish.
He fucked me for another five minutes.
I only obediently served him as litter.
Sergey finished me in the ass with one jet, and let the second one over my hips.
– That’s it, girl.
He took off my scotch, I pulled the stocking out of my

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– You have worked well for your gift, Anya.
“Yeah, still like,” I thought.
“I hardly broke my ass because of the laundry!”
I lay in the same position, crying in pain, and could not move.

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Sergei stroked me for my exhausted, red from his blows, ass, and comforted me.
– Well, you’re all good, now you’re really an experienced girl.
He kissed me on the cheek and pulled me to him.
To be continued.
About how I became Lily from the very beginning.
At 24, I met Lena, she was a very pretty and slim girl and just a goddess in sex! About half a year later, we already began to live together in a rented apartment, we spent almost all the days off in bed, it was just wild sex almost everywhere, gradually she began to incline me to a female role.
At first it was just caressing my anus, then fingers.
She began to dress me in the female and use her toys already.
A little bit about my passed.
I already had the experience of same-sex sex at the age of 18, after which everything was forgotten.
In everyday life, we often had scandals because of completely stupid things.
Lena screamed wildly and called me names, but I tolerated her antics.
I tried to leave several times, but after parting for a week I came back.
About a year later we got married and her parents gave us an apartment, although we decided to move in another larger city and at the family council.
Having mastered the new place, our entertainment moved to another stage, so to speak.
Weekends she completely disguised me and I became her girlfriend, I caressed her, and she put on a strapon and.
After a couple of months, she offered to diversify our sex with new members.
At first I was against it, but she rolled the scandal insisted.
Right of my vote after the move almost disappeared, to be honest.
And almost every evening for two weeks, we sat in the internet on various dating sites. Teen non nude webcam.

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