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Why didn’t you tell me right away? Do you want me to part with him? Julia sharply raised her head, and Tatiana saw horror in her tear-stained eyes: – No, no.
I’m just such a fool.
Well what am I missing? I have you, complete harmony at home, and I behave like a slut! – she sobbed, – it’s just your man, and me.

Julia burst into tears again.
Tatiana hugged her from behind, putting one hand on her chest and the other on Yulka’s stomach: – Calm down.

Do not forget, I love you too.
Do you really think that I will be jealous of you? – the hand on the chest has already felt the nipple and began to squeeze it, – all mine, this is yours.
The hand on the stomach has already made its way down, feeling for the hair on the pubic girlfriend.
Through Yulka’s crying, cautious sighs began to come.
Girlfriend gradually excited.
Tatiana did not stop: – Have you been thinking about him for a long time? Julia has already leaned back and slightly spread her legs: – As soon as you started dating him, – Tatyana’s finger lay on the clit, – Oh.
Tatiana sprinkled her friend’s neck with kisses, and then bit her on the neck.
A shiver passed through Yulka’s body.

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She freed herself from Tatyana’s embrace, took off her T-shirt and returned her body to her lips.
Tatiana herself started up the order, but did not lose moment.

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laid her hands on the chest of her beloved, she began to caress them.
Julia has already calmed down, giving out one after another deep moans.
“Why didn’t you tell me anything right away?” – fingers are concentrated on the nipples.
“Ahhh,” the words went in and out with sighs, “but how?” Ltd.
He is yours, I can not.
Tanya, stronger.
What would you think of me? Ahhhh.
Tatiana returned one hand between her friend’s legs, lifted her skirt and began to smooth her lips through her panties.
Julia first clung to Tatiana’s palm, but changing her mind, she pulled back and quickly pulled off her underwear.
Tatiana immediately parted her beloved lips and plunged Yulkin’s wet finger hole.
Julia gasped, spreading her legs even wider.
“I would have thought that my girl has excellent taste,” Tatiana carried her friend’s juice along her vagina, “promise me that you will tell me everything, you promise,” and gently grabbed the clit between her fingers.
– Yeah-hh.
– Yulkin’s voice pierced through a shiver, – Tanechka, two fingers, do not tease, two.
Tatyana did not make her friend beg and put another finger inside: – Darling, I will give you everything.
All I have is – fingers moved inside a girlfriend’s vagina, – I want you to have everything that I have.
What would you enjoy more than me.
Tatyana felt contractions of the vagina, Julia was close to orgasm.
Just wait.
darling, there is something else.
She removed her hand from the pussy of her friend, Julia pinched with regret. Teen sex cam tube.

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