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Three girls started complaining to the nurse about the boys in their class.
“Ours were also bad,” Tanya sighed. “So many dirty tricks from them have suffered.
The nurse sat down at her desk.

– It is interesting, and who invented such a punishment? – asked Lena.
“One primary school teacher,” the nurse replied, “I’ll tell you how it all began.”
Tanya smiled, remembering a funny case a year ago.
“They had control in the second grade,” the nurse began to tell, “And one boy asked for a toilet.
The teacher of course

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released him immediately.
And to him, imagine, just had to go to write off from the cheat sheet.
The head teacher passed by and accidentally saw.
She brought the boy back to class and gave the teacher his cheat sheet.
Of course, the tomboy got a deuce at that time.
Only the teacher in addition decided to teach him a lesson.
So when he next time asked for the toilet — already truly — she did not let him go.
The tenth-graders sitting on the couch looked at the nurse with interest, waiting to continue.
– And what do you think, – Tanya smiled, – I wanted so little, that I could not bear it until the end of the lesson.

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Directly sitting at the desk described.
The teacher of course immediately took the boy to me.
Do not go to him in this form at school.
Three girls giggled restrained.
“By the way, I didn’t know anything about her undertaking,” the nurse continued, “And honestly, I didn’t attach much importance to this incident.”
With children, even at the age of seven, similar embarrassment periodically occurs.
– So the teacher did not say anything to you? – Olya was surprised.
“No, I didn’t say,” Tanya shook her head, “Just brought the child to the medical office and left it to me.”
The poor boy was so shy.
I calmed him down, took off my wet pants with shorts and, putting it on the couch, wiped it thoroughly between my legs with a wet cloth.
Like a baby – lying on your back with your legs up.
I have a lot of experience with wet pants – my little nephew is at home.
– I can imagine how you wiped it, – Lena giggled.
“I wiped this seven-year-old boy and wondered what to do next with him,” Tanya continued the story, “It’s clear that she immediately called her parents.
It turned out that the father was away on a business trip, and my mother needed to get home through the whole city – she said that she would arrive only in a couple of hours.
– So the boy spent an hour and a half in your office? – asked Ira.
“Well, yes,” the nurse nodded, “I’ve been sitting with me all this time.”
More precisely lay on the couch, covered with a sheet.
Such is the story.
After this incident I went to the director to consult with her how to act in such cases.
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