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Then the disheveled Vovka comes down, pushes a plate with pancakes and bravely summons him to be my guide.
It seems like he knows better where to go for a walk than old grandparents.
And you can not argue with him.

However, I’m trying to argue.
As a result, we solve.
That the first half of the day my uncle takes care of me (leads me to places from my childhood and to my grandparents in the cemetery), and the second half is Vovk with his sights of the city.
Everyone seems to be happy.
I forget about

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the afternoon.
My uncle and I are walking in a small town where my father, uncle, and another brother once were born.
Uncle remembers a lot.
I feel good and comfortable.
We reach the cemetery.
I have not been to them for ten years.
Shame on me.
I want to cry.
And here on a shoulder someone’s heavy hand lays down.
And this is definitely not the hand of uncle.
I look back and see Vovka with amazement.
Blue eyes are seriously looking at the monument.
Men do not cry.
But if he was a woman, we would now cry together.
I see it and feel it.
So I bury my forehead in his chest and continue to cry softly.
Uncle says goodbye.

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It is time for him to go, kultpokhod from his side is today finished.
We stay together.
Anya promised to drive too.
“Vovka says quietly when we hover back to the cemetery gate.”
“But Denis seems to have a fever, so I’m not sure.”
Hmka something in response.
Loading in his car.
Is it okay to drive a nineteen boy? We drive in silence, walk in the park talking on abstract topics, then ride the rides, I win a teddy hare in the dash and heroically donate to his nephew, denoting it aloud as an aunt debt performance for all ten years that I didn’t give him anything for the new year and for birthday.
Smiles, takes the hare.
It’s easy and fun with him.
If I ever wanted to have a brother, I would like him to be like this.
Only one thing: they constantly call him on his mobile.
And judging by the tone of the conversation – the girls.
Finally, I do not stand up and start a conversation about decency and unacceptability in our family of a playboy life.
You yourself then will be worse, do not you understand? He smiles, shakes his head and says that we do not understand the old.
Receives a punch in the side for the “old”.
The game of catch-up begins.
Mom dear.
I feel like thirteen again.
And it is fun.
Anya still joins us.
We wander around the city until late, then we go home, I climb on my upper loft, I fall down and instantly fall asleep.
There is no power to suffer paranoia today.
I just had a great day.
I wake up deep in the night from the feeling that I am not alone in the room.
I lay for a long time, without opening my eyes, and listen to the darkness.
I hear someone’s breath.
And I feel the whole of someone’s body on the edge of the bed. Tisha campbell martin sex scene.

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