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He was present in the “brigade” only by misunderstanding.
Gray was too lazy to get rid of him.
Garik giggled stupidly: – He’s friends with a new one, with a fagot.

– With a fagot? It is interesting.
– quickened Gray.
Brewing adventure.
– Come on, more details! He began to avidly tell this story, many have heard, many studied in the same school.
Gray’s face spread into a smile as it expounded.
– So it turns out that you pidarenok with us? And let’s play with him.
Drag him to the construction site, have fun !.
What was the “brigade” to deal with Denisky problems, he was for them a toy, a rag doll, and besides, a fagot.
That is – subhuman, outside the laws patsanskih.
Denis was caught under his elbows and, not paying attention to the weak resistance, dragged to the former waste ground, where they built two floors of a nine-story building.
Here on the second floor and dragged the future victim.
Gray thought, inventing the most appropriate punishment.
And what is there to invent! Everything has long been invented.
Pidara need to fuck !.
And all the cases.
– Undress, freak.
– quietly said Gray.
– Yes, live, move the rake.

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– Fuck you.
– unexpectedly disagreeable Deniska fell off his lips.
– Che? – Gray asked frantically.
Such an undermining of authority in the eyes of fans !.
– You do not want to help! Undress him !.
Order rushed to carry out several.
In a minute from Deniska they pulled everything to the skin.
He stood barefoot on the cement uneven floor, against the background of an empty window opening, in a draft.
Shielding his hands in a shameful place, his head in his shoulders, slowly covering himself with “goose bumps”, wiping neither his nose, nor his eyes, Denis stared without blinking at the crowd of grinning jackals.
And now, quite consciously, he loudly said only one word: – Nit.
Blood struck Gray in her trimmed head.
He fled, jumped and kicked Denis in the chest.
Like Dimka Tolyana, then, long ago, in a past life.

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such a strike, it is supposed to fly a dozen steps.
Grumpy Denis would have flown twenty.
All this and waited.
Denis made only a small step back.
And froze.
Eyes became big, surprised.
Lips stretched into a tube, as if he was going to whistle.
There was a small speck under the right edge.
And Denis remained standing, dangling his hands limply.
Eyes closed.
Nobody understood a damn thing.
Why did not fly away, why not fall? Mystic.
The smallest in the company, fifth-grader Sanka, nicknamed Biaska, cautiously approached Deniska, looked around, looked him behind his back.
Then he frightened backed away.
And he walked head over heels to the first floor, on the street, only he was seen.
One by one, the boys came up and watched.
And they fled like devils from a censer.
Last came Gray. Tisha campbell naked pics.

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