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And this Chevrolet was given to him! And now, it seems, nothing can be fixed: The director chose Mathieu to be the “accompanying” guest because of the English Channel for success in the language.
And of all high school students, he alone spoke English with almost no accent.
The moral qualities of the boy, however, caused profound and reasonable doubts among the teachers, but the desire to shine in front of foreign colleagues with the success of the wards turned out to be stronger.

So delighted, Mathieu turned out to be the guide and guardian of sixteen-year-old Kathryn Townbridge, the first English student to come to his school for language practice.
He himself had to go on a return visit to the English Channel two months later.
Kat, as Mathieu immediately christened her for himself, surpassed his wildest expectations.
Slightly shorter than his height, although older by a year, with short-cropped red hair and a slightly snub nose, the girl inflamed the heart of a loving young man with the first sly smile.
This hobby was the cause of the disaster.
Usually all the girlfriends Mathieu drove on his motorcycle, but next to Kat an old two-wheeled friend seemed to the boy too shabby and ordinary.
The way out was found when a friend of Luke offered to “borrow” a brand-new Chevrolet father, who was returning from vacation only after two weeks.
More precisely would have returned if the spouse had not picked up some kind of viral infection that broke all plans for rest.

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As a result of the already upset by the sudden illness of his wife, Monsieur Carnot almost had a stroke when he did not find his “beauty” in the garage.
The police were immediately informed about the “hijacking,” the “criminals” were seized red-handed and, avoiding the punishing hand of the law, were brought before harsh family justice.
Having pity on a friend who had completely wilted and was shaking in front of an angry parent like a reed in a storm, Mathieu took all the blame for himself, saying that he had almost forced Luke to give him the keys.
And now he stood, moaning, in front of his own father, awaiting a harsh sentence.
There was nothing to say in his defense of the young man, so the future looked very clear and at the same time gloomy: a call to the school with a request to replace the “guide” and house arrest at least until the end of the month.
But at that moment, Kat intervened in the legal process: “You know, Mr. Grenier, my father usually punishes my brother for such offenses.”
Maybe a good whipping would be enough punishment for Matthew this time? From such an unexpected offer on the part of his girlfriend, the boy froze.
Grenier Sr. also seemed embarrassed by the offer from the mouth of a young lady to kick her fifteen-year-old firstborn ass.
“Actually, the last time I floated was Mathieu at ten or eleven,” he muttered, trying not to meet his son’s eyes: “I think he’s too old to let his pants down:“ This is not true! ” – automatically noted the young man to himself.
He remembered very well how his father’s belt had cut his bare hemispheres

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just on the eve of his fourteenth birthday – just a year and a half ago.
“Well, Mr. Grenier,” said Kate, “in our private schools, boys are punished with rods up to the final exams, and in some junior colleges students are also beaten for serious offenses.
Dad, when John lashes, always says that the rod is equally effective for boys at any age, and at five and at fifteen and at twenty-five, you just need to increase the strength and number of strokes. Top live sex.

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