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As we walked, you started pinching me on the ass and smiling every time I tried to pinch you in return for yours.
When you came to the place, you suggested to start collecting small and thin branches in order to kindle a fire.
I agreed with the idea, and we began to collect them, while we were talking about how we would spend time together.

You and I collected a bunch of such branches and undertook to collect more branches.
You broke some small and dried tree, I remember, I still sarcastically called you: “You are my strong man,” to which you replied with the same kind of malice: “Oh, oh, oh.”
While I was collecting branches, I didn’t notice how you crept noiselessly from behind, hugged me around the waist and pulled me to me.
Breathing in my ear, you said in a whisper: “I love you.”
Then abruptly turned me to his face and began passionately and at the same time gently kissing me on the lips.
I did not resist you, only hugged you more and kissed you back.
Your hands dropped below my waist into my thighs, and you slapped me.
I knew how you

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like it, and did not mind, because, frankly, I loved when you do that.

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You once again slapped me and began to unbutton my shirt, your kisses went lower on my neck, biting my earlobe, I could not hold back a moan of pleasure.
You liked it, when I did not hold back, it excited you even more.
And looking at how tightly you pressed my hips against yours, I felt that you were insanely excited.
I also started to take off your shirt, you did not resist, you liked it.
Taking off your shirt, you took it and laid it on the grass, sat on it and motioned me into your arms.
I was then in a shirt and shorts.
You quickly left me only in shorts and in a bra.
He was red, I knew how you like and how you turn on this color.
You started to caress my chest, kissed one and bit my nipple, and with your free hand you caressed the other.
I wanted to tease you and started moving, even though you were still in breeches.
I moved slowly, up and down, you were excited by this even more, and you began to bite my chest harder because of what I could not hold back a moan of pleasure.
We didn’t stay that long, because you were at the extreme point of arousal, you didn’t want to wait, and lifting me up, you tore off my shorts along with underwear and quickly took off your breeches.
You sat down again on the ground and took my hand, beckoned to you.
I sat on your excited member, you like when I’m on top, when I choose a rhythm, you have a view of my body, of my chest, which you can caress, as much as you wish.
I started to move at first slowly, teasing you a little more, and I ran my nails on your back.
You rolled your eyes with pleasure and threw your head back a little.
I knew how much you liked it and did not miss the moment to make you pleasant. Vintage forced sex online.

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