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I felt negative energy, like a wave emanating from their side.
Andrei and Lena pretended or did not notice their presence.
I saw out of the corner of my eye how this type, Shah, examined the slim figure of Lena.

With a greedy, like a predator, desire in the eyes.
Obviously not the one who forgets the loss.
Shah’s company spread a blanket, quickly throwing a snack on it and spilling wine.
Helen refused to invite them to stay with them, but Andrei, who was in a peaceful mood, said: – Let’s get along, sit with them for a bit.
We are not afraid and do not disdain.
Invited – respect.
So we were in this company, and Shah and Andrey

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even persuaded Lena to sip their wine.
It sounded “who will remember the old” from the Shah, and Andrew and Lena, and I, relaxed.
Have talked.
A wide variety of topics were discussed, and Andrei and I, heated with young wine, animatedly participated in a conversation with this random company for us.
The seashore in our area was littered with rocks of very different heights.
Here we are talking about the rock, located very close.
Amazing, absolutely incredible form, it was called the Moon.
From the side, the rock looked like a curved crescent and was a true creature of nature.
Everyone knew that it was almost impossible to climb on it because of its uncomfortable shape.
And if you are not a climber with the appropriate tools and training, you could only admire its pristine grace and height.
“On the top of the cliff, a flower of radiola grows — a rare one,” one of the Shah’s boys said.
– The only one in these parts.
There is a bike that the one who will break it and give to his girlfriend will be with her all his life.

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I heard this legend.
About her we were told at school.
Pink radiola is really the rarest plant for these, and not only for these places.
The flower is beautiful, and if you come closer to the rock, you can see its petals at the very top.
Such bright and so unattainable for local guys.
None of those present are not.
he remembered the man who had plucked the flower of the radio from the moon.
– Come on? – Shah responded to the story of his friend.
– So no one? The Shah boys present vied with each other.
“Andryukha will break,” Shah announced with a solemn smile.
My heart sank, ached from some strange, unkind impulse.
Shah jiving or provoking Andrew.
“And we will be together for the rest of our life without a flower,” Lena stunted confidently, harshly, and pressed herself against her brother.
She seemed to be thinking the same thing as me.
– Why? Weak, Andrei? – Shah did not let up.
– For such a girl, sin does not strain.
A shadow of doubt slipped across his brother’s face, but only for a moment, then disappeared, driven out of determination and masculine spirit.
I knew that Andrei would not back down from the call of this type.
“Shah, stop it,” Lena said evil already.
– If you want, get on yourself.
“For you, on one occasion,” Shah replied with ponts in his voice.
“If I pick a flower for you, will you be with me?” Oh, princess? Yes, it’s too tough to climb the Moon to the Shah, but he was obviously having fun or playing some kind of game, and he seemed to have achieved his goal.
In another situation, Andrei would have vividly put this bandyuk in place, but now Shah has hooked his brother in a special way, having raised the stakes too much.
Andrei rose from behind the feast and carefully looked towards the rock.
She looked back with a formidable challenge.
The guys began to give up Andrei’s supporting phrases, Lena was anxious, even scaredly silent.
Brother silently moved toward the moon.
No one stayed in place after this step, everyone jumped up and followed him.
Andrei did not pay attention to Lenka’s stopping cries.
A few minutes later he was already standing in the shadow of the rock.
He inspected it, as if plotting the path of movement upwards, calculating the route from the ledge to the ledge, spat on his strong palms and reached. Vw transporter camshaft.

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