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pressing down hard, her tormentor forced the girl to kneel on the cold floor.
With one hand, he grabbed her hair and turned his head to him, dug a burning kiss on her cool lips.
Dasha groaned, trying to close her lips, but his warm and rough tongue promptly burst into the wet cave, forcing her tongue to weave with her.

Meanwhile, he pushed his second hand between her thighs and pressed upward so that the girl lifted herself up a little.
His fingers began to massage her pussy, sipping on her clit and pulling at the tender flesh.
The girl moaned in despair, realizing in the depths of her consciousness that she liked the persistent caresses, but she only resisted stronger, trying to preserve her independence.
– Look at me.
– He said in her ear, turning her head to the mirror and squeezing her flesh more, while the second hand began to play with her nipple.
– Not.
go away
– Dasha whispered in a hoarse voice, licking her dry lips.
“My Boss, you forgot to add Boss again,” he said in a melodious voice, continuing to torment her body.
Dasha breathed intermittently and could not stand the tension that was rolling on her, opened her eyes and met his darkened eyes.
He smiled at her and slowly put his finger into her wet cave.
The man began to persistently caress her between her legs, now delving, then almost resisting her victim.

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Dasha sobbed softly, realizing that the treacherous body had begun to respond to his uninvited affection.
The girl could not understand how she could so calmly watch their naked reflections, as her finger sank deeper into her, forcing the girl to instinctively arch her back.
He took her hand and threw himself over his head, forcing the girl to stretch, as if the cat and the girl unknowingly did so, turned his head to him, as if he demanded something from him.
And he immediately gave it to her, digging into her mouth with a demanding kiss, while his hands played with her supple and tender body.
He thrust his finger even deeper and Dasha gasped quietly, feeling the unpleasant pain when he slightly touched her hymen.
In his mind, it was as if something clicked, and the girl broke free from his hands, trying to crawl away from him as far as possible, but he quickly grabbed her leg and started dragging her towards him.

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Dont touch me!!! Let go !!! I hate it, she screamed, while he dodged the unhappy one with his whole body and clamped her arms over her head.
– You’re mine, repeat that.
– Not.
– Dasha moaned turning away from him, while his finger again plunged into the depths of her cave, causing the unfortunate to moan from understanding their insecurity in front of his tormentor.
– I’m waiting.
say it.
– He insisted, glaring at her breasts with a greedy kiss, tearing her swollen nipple with her tongue and teeth, then biting at her, then sucking, continuing to caress her pussy.
Dasha shook her head trying to resist him in the end, but she understood that their forces were unequal, and her body was treacherously reaching for him.
She was breathing heavily, and her hands were tangled in his hard hair.
His lips again took possession of her mouth, and his hands wandered all over the girl’s body, inflaming him to the limit. Watch sex cam.

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