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The apartment was on the 3rd floor, two-room apartment, clean, bright and comfortable.
Razvuvshis we went to the kitchen, she showed the same table, then brought a suitcase with tools, and she went into another room.
She returned already dressed in funny slippers, dogs and dressing gown, which ended in about the same way as the skirt.

It was evident that she removed the bra because the material of the robe was similar to silk and I could see 2 nipples without difficulty.
I really liked her kind of home and my dick instinctively began to rise.
While I was working on the table, Lenka set up the kettle.
The job was suspiciously easy, for about 5 minutes, and I think Lena herself would be able to cope with it.
Well, everything is ready, he made a gesture with his hands and pointed to the table leg, – Like a new one.
And now we’ll check it, – The kettle whistled here, – Go with my hands and sit down to drink tea,

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I must thank you, – Lena purred again with a sly smile.
I did not oppose this, and the sight of Lenochka was really dry in her throat.
When I returned, there was a cake on the table, a roll, jam, sweets, tea and all sorts of tasty things.
How much sweet is your teeth not getting sick? And my daughter and I love sweets, and nothing hurts and sticks together, ”Lenka said laughing.

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They sat down to drink tea, the conversation about this and that again began.
After the second glass of tea and eating not a little sweet, thinking that “gratitude” to Lenkin was over, I said: “I made the table, I drank tea, I could go home,” I got up from the table.
So home hurry? – Lenka also rose.
Well, probably it is necessary, otherwise the daughter will come soon, he will not understand correctly yet, – I said, smiling.
It will come only in three hours, so we still have a couple of hours.
Lenka slowly approached me.
A couple of hours for what? – I asked with childish naivety.
Without answering anything, she passionately began kissing me on the lips, sticking her tongue as deep as possible.
I grabbed her elastic ass with both hands and pressed it to the standing member in my pants.
Lenka, having wrapped her arms around her neck, jumped on me, embracing me with her legs.
Our tongues fiercely fought for the right to be inside someone else’s mouth, not previously experienced, and my right hand already fumbled under the robe.
Her tender skin was crazy, I crushed, stroked, pinched and slapped the elastic ass of this beauty.
Having planted it against the wall, I began to lick her nipples through the thin fabric of the robe.
Lena bit her lip and purred softly, then she herself.
opened her robe, under which her elastic breasts languished and holding me with one hand, the other pressed me to them.
I drove my tongue around the nipple, sucked the nipple itself, gently bit it on my lips, then changed my chest and did the same, then me again and again and again.
Lenka came down from me, we started kissing again, she stroked my fighter through her pants with her free hand, and then she unbuttoned them and took out a member ready for battle, began to gently pry him.
Her hot pen then slid along my trunk, then gently pulling the testicles. Webcam girls erotic.

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