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Larisa took a blue children’s pot from the rack and headed for Kolina Arena.
Get up, Kohl, – she said to the boy, opening a special gate of the arena, – You should go to the pot in a small way.
Kohl obediently got up and went to the nurse.

The boy’s face was very offended.
Kohl still could not get used to that the nannies decide for him when to go to the toilet.
Not to mention the lack of toilet in the nursery.
Come on, – said the nurse, taking Kolya by the hand.
Larisa led the boy to a small tiled snout next to the changing tables and put a baby pot there.
Nearby already sat on the same blue enameled pot a tall boy of nine years old.
Nurse sat down in front of Kolya and began to take off the sliders. Webcam partizanka25 sex video.

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