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“Bye, Light.”
Tanya closed her cell phone and went to the door.

“Hello,” said a pretty, fair-haired girl, embarrassed, when the nurse opened the door.
For the first girl were two more.
“Three, as Sveta and promised” – thought Tanya, appreciatively looking at high school students.
– So you want to work as my nurses? – the nurse smiled, – Come on in.
Now I will explain everything to you.
The girls timidly went to the medical office.
– Sit down, – said Tanya, waving her hand on the couch, – Well, shall we get acquainted? My name is Tanya.
“Ira,” the short-haired brown-haired woman introduced herself.
“Lena,” said the second girl, a blue-eyed blonde with long hair gathered in a neat tail.
“Olya,” the third smiled, a funny, freckled little girl with fiery red hair, up to her shoulders.
Tanya stared at the high school girls.
All three resembled

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the characters of Japanese cartoons – mainly with big eyes and snub nose.
– Are you all from one class? the nurse asked.
“10th A,” answered Ira.
“I also studied in the“ A ”class,” Tanya said.
– In our school? – asked Olya.
– Aha, – Tanya nodded, – The truth, unlike you, left after the ninth grade in the medical college.

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“I also wanted to go to the nursing home, but changed my mind,” said Lena.
“But as soon as I received my diploma, I immediately returned to my home school,” Tanya continued, “As a nurse.”
I’ve been working here for the second year.
“So you are only three years older than us,” Lena said, quickly calculating the difference in age in her mind.
– At four, – corrected tenth nurse, – you probably fifteen? – Yeah, – confirmed Lena, – Olya and I are fifteen, and Irka will be fulfilled only in a month.
“Old enough to work in our school nursery,” said Tanya, “Well, tell me what you know about them.”
– About school nursery? – Ira smiled, – So that means how it is officially called.
The tenth graders chuckled softly.
“I often see diapers in our school,” Lena said, “First-grade babies.”
– Yeah, this is only on the floor of the primary classes can be seen, – added Olga, – One thing is fine, but so that they are written.
– Now I will explain everything to you, – the nurse smiled, – First, they wear diapers not because they wet their pants, but as a punishment.
And secondly, as you rightly noticed, only the children from the primary classes — mostly boys — are being punished.
Girls at this age usually have no behavioral problems.
– An interesting punishment, – Olya grinned, – Wearing a diaper at school.
– I would not be limited to babies, – Ira suggested with a smile, – Older boys can also be punished this way.
– Especially ours, – Lena laughed, – You know how harmful they are in our class.
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