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“I don’t know,” she smiled, somehow bewildered, but it was obvious that she was tormented by severe pain.
The pink lips turned white, and the blush came off the delicate cheeks.
– Does it hurt you? She was no longer able to answer, only nodded and smiled hard.

– Do not be afraid! – Serge slid his lips through her hair.
– Now.
– he laid her on the bed, took off her skirt and pantalonchiki.
– Do not worry, my love, – smiled encouragingly, as if he knew what to do.
– Everything will be fine.
I will help you now.
And she, believing him, bit her lower lip to blood, relaxed, opened her eyes to look at her husband.
Serge himself later did not remember what he was doing.
In his memory only what he thought and felt at that moment remained.
Two lives depended on him – his beloved girl and his child.
(Especially for -) Yes, he does not understand a damn in these women’s affairs, but he must – let doubts fly into the mouth of the devil! – must do something! Otherwise, he will lose his dearest, without these two angels his heart will break out of grief.
All his past life seemed now so insignificant and empty in comparison with this moment.
Anna screamed loudly, tears poured from her eyes, and her body shook with intolerable pain.
“Scream, scream, my girl,” Duvall encouraged her, “and push, push harder.”
He said something else, not paying attention to these words.
But for Anna, balancing on

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the verge of consciousness, his voice was a guiding thread that would not let fall, fall into the abyss.

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His voice made her live.
Suddenly, Anna’s cry was replaced by a loud cry of the child.
And Duval had a little red ball in his hands, stained with blood.
– A son! Beloved, we have a son! Shouted Serzh, a smile transformed his face, she was in all his features, and splashed out of her eyes on his wife and enveloped her in her soft, glowing dark blue curtain.
“Look,” he gently bowed the baby, bringing it to Anna’s face.
He pulled the leg and hit the lips of the mother.
Anna’s little face, exhausted, in beads of sweat and tears, shone with happiness.
Smacking her tiny leg, she tiredly closed her eyes, plunging into some strange, hitherto unknown state of semi-drowsiness and half fainting.
Anna opened her eyes and looked around the hut.
The body ached.
She immediately remembered what had happened.
I wanted to call Serge, but he himself grew above her.
“My love,” with a smile, bowed to her face, “are you awake?” How do you feel? “Okay, honey,” Anna smiled faintly.
– And where.
kid? – anxiety flashed in her eyes.
– Shh, – Serge put a finger to his lips, – he sleeps.
Behind the screen.
I put his cradle in there.
Anna quietly, hiding behind her palm, laughed.
– Oh, what made you laugh? – he was surprised.
“Sir, I didn’t understand why you cursed so badly when you tried to help me?” – in the eyes of Anna jumped funny lights.
– cursed? – he did not understand, and, to Anna’s amazement, he seemed embarrassed.
– Well yes.
In terrible words! I didn’t even think that there are such words.
– Oh, that.
habit, ”Duvall found and smiled.
– When I.
I am in a deadlock, I swear.
– Does it help? – Anna smiled.
“As you see,” he leaned over his tired face and gently and gently kissed his lips.
– Thank you, my happiness, my dear girl! – whispered quietly, afraid to wake his son.
– I am the happiest man in the world.
“My favorite pirate.”
She answered.
– Well.
(the story is not completely invented) It so happened that they sent me to refresher courses in Moscow.
Placed us in the hotel “Izmailovskaya”.
The courses lasted one week, more precisely, five days – from Monday to Friday. What is online sex.

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